FACELESS: The Most Anticipated AI Art Collection on the IC

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
FACELESS: The Most Anticipated AI Art Collection on the IC
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

FACELESS is a stunning AI art collection featuring 300 works from Sunny, Dfinity Community’s very own Managing Editor. This is one of the most anticipated NFT collections of the summer, and the incredible part is, you don’t even have to pay for it. That’s right; Sunny is airdropping this collection. When is it coming? Who gets it? What will it be like? And where will you be able to trade it? I’ve got the scoop directly from the artist, so let’s learn more about FACELESS.

The golden angel character is an epic fantasy artwork.

What Will the FACELESS Collection Be Like?

If you’ve seen any of the previews from this collection, you know these are AI-generated characters and that they look amazing. While there will be rarities, every piece of this collection is unique and will be rare in its own way. However, while there are 15 “King” characters, there are only 2 “French Female Warrior” characters. So certainly, some pieces will be more sought-after than others for both being unique and beautiful.

What else can you expect from the collection? There is something for everyone! So whether your cup of tea is royalty, angels, warriors, or girls with dragon tattoos, you’ll find a FACELESS you will want to display proudly in your NFT collection.

If you are into artwork that is as terrifying as it is beautiful, then this snow angel may be for you.

What Are the Launch Details?

The FACELESS collection is 300 NFTs that will be airdropped based on varying factors, mostly linked to other collections on the Internet Computer. For example, some of the top dSquad, Drakon Club, pokedstudio, Wings (by Oli), Cosmicrafts, BTC Flower, and OG Medal holders will be part of the initial airdrop.

Sunny is also collaborating with Yumi marketplace  to ensure the NFTs make it into the wallets of top collectors – real people, not bots. There were also giveaways on Twitter and DSCVR. So this collection has reached a broad range of collectors from all corners of the ecosystem.

But what if you don’t find one in your wallet? You will still be able to collect one on the secondary market, which will open on August 29th. Yumi will be the home of the FACELESS collection, so if you’re not already familiar with their marketplace and how to use it, take some time to get acquainted with it now before the drop happens and the market opens.

The AI art is able to convey very distinct male and female forms. Here you see the hourglass figure of one of the female FACELESS.

AI Art Is Hot in the NFT World Right Now

You may have noticed that a lot of AI art collections are dropping right now on the IC. So what sets FACELESS apart? For me, it is the precision. Sunny clearly spent a great deal of time discovering the right keywords to use and then individually curating the results to select only the best artwork. This collection is a real labor of love for the community. A product of time, energy, and computing power.

Plus, it is a tribute to the intellect of the creator. Don’t let anyone tell you that AI art is easy to create. If you’ve tried it for yourself, you know that you can’t just type anything into the text and have beautiful art come out. AI art is a collaboration between man and machine, and FACELESS is what you get when a creative mind and AI are working together in perfect harmony.

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