Dmail's First 3D Crystal Airdrop Has Arrived

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Dmail's First 3D Crystal Airdrop Has Arrived
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Dmail is poised to become the leading Web3 email platform on the Internet Computer blockchain. As a part of their commitment to early supporters, they have released a series of NFT airdrops. The collection will eventually total 2,626 digital collectibles. But for now, just the first set has been launched, and according to CCC marketplace, there are a mere 164 in circulation.

What is the story behind the collection? Are there any benefits to holders? How can you get your hands on one of these sweet, animated, 3D NFTs? We’ve got the scoop!


Why a 3D Crystal NFT Collection?

The designer behind the 3D Crystals (Ashutosh Yadav) wanted to create something no one else had done on the blockchain before. And this is the first collection of 3D crystals on the IC. He also wanted to create something with underlying meaning.

These crystals are not only stunning to look at, but they also have a deeper connotation. In many cultures across the globe, crystals are symbols of wealth and power. Some even believe crystals have magical powers. In reality, crystals can do amazing things. For example, piezoelectric quartz crystals are used in medicine to convert electrical energy into sound energy for sonogram imaging. It’s no wonder that people who don’t understand the science behind crystals associate them with uncanny powers!

There are also a variety of attributes that create rarities within the collection. For example, there are 26 different crystal shapes and over 150 different colors and background styles. Various elements are animated depending on the traits. The first 26 mint numbers in the collection are particularly rare. The team went with the number 26 due to the number of letters in the English alphabet – so they did tie the collection back into sending emails by relating it to language in this way.


What Are the Benefits to Holders of Dmail’s 3D Crystals?

Besides just being awesome moving images hosted on the Internet Computer blockchain, there are additional benefits to holding a 3D Crystal.

· Dmail will be returning 40% of the transaction royalties to those who hold the NFTs.

· Dmail will reserve 40% of the transaction royalties to repurchase some of the NFTs.

· When holders are identified in the Dmail discord server, they receive a special role.

· Holders will receive priority access to test new products from Dmail and explore new functionality first as products are upgraded.

· 3D Crystal holders will receive benefits in the email services as well, including extra storage space.

· Holders will also receive access to VIP communications, asset management, data storage, and more.

· By holding a 3D Crystal, you have a chance to receive potential airdrops from Dmail’s future partners.

So basically, the 3D Crystals are an all-access pass to everything the team intends to do in the future. If you are interested in Web3 and think it is the future of the Internet, then you will likely want these holder benefits, especially since Dmail is pioneering the way to Web3 email.

How Can You Get a 3D Crystal NFT?

Early supports are being rewarded with the airdrops, and there are also occasional contests. In the meantime, you can buy 3D Crystals on the secondary market by using the CCC marketplace.

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