Digital VIRUSES for trans-MUTATION

Marko Mil
Digital VIRUSES for trans-MUTATION
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Did we say that PHASMAs are immune to diseases? Maybe just the physical ones.

The five digital viruses, which will allow each PHASMA holder to receive a new, additional, and transmuted specter, are finally here!

As we already said, the PHASMA story doesn’t stop at its first book, the NFT collection. Indeed, shortly after the MINT, which date will soon be revealed, your beloved specters will need to face new threats from the digital ecosystem they have just started to approach.

The Metaverse is full of risks, and these are the ones your PHASMAs will soon experience:

Function transmutation (digital virus, 1500) {return Low-res PHASMA}

Living in the Metaverse and not being in full HD, high resolution, 4k, Giga mega what… could be crap. This Low-res digital virus will indeed transmute 1,500 out of 5,000 PHASMAs into their pixelated self.

Function transmutation (digital virus, 1000) {return Invisible PHASMA}

It’s not all fun and games if anyone can’t see you, or almost, or maybe just your private self. The Invisible digital virus will be the “nightmare” of 1000 specters who don’t like to, let’s say, show-off.

Function transmutation (digital virus, 750) {return Alien PHASMA}

It hasn’t been long since human society transcended as PHASMAs that the news reached every corner of our galaxy. Indeed, an Alien digital virus reached Earth and will attack no more than 750 specters, which will start to look a bit peculiar.

Function transmutation (digital virus, 500) {return Melting PHASMA}

To transmute means to change one element into another… That’s exactly what PHASMAs scientists were trying to do while a melting digital virus escaped from their reality. This virus will transmute just 500 specters into another material, but I would not call that an improvement.

Function transmutation (digital virus, 250) {return Mutant PHASMA}

Zombies? Frankenstein? World of Warcraft undead? Maybe, but more probably just PHASMAs attacked by the Mutant digital virus. This is a rare disease that will transmute 250 exceptional PHASMAs into something very… hideous.

Anyway, new info, extremely rare digital viruses, and our new Q3 roadmap will soon be unveiled, but there is still plenty of time for them. At the moment, take a look at our future and be ready to start it with the first PHASMA NFT collection.

We are coming!

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*Note that the article has been written by the Phasma team and published at their request

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