Dfinity Space Apes Are Preparing for Lift-off on the Internet Computer

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Dfinity Space Apes Are Preparing for Lift-off on the Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

2022 is ready to blast off on the Internet Computer ecosystem, and one of the most exciting projects is launching in the very first week (on January 5th, to be more specific). Let's take a deep dive into the Dfinity Space Apes project to see why NFT collectors and gamers should be getting psyched for this rapidly approaching sale.

A 1:1 Dfinity Space Ape - Silver Ape from the Silver Age, featured in the DSA Discord.

What You Should Know About the Dfinity Space Apes Collection

The space apes come with a fun backstory. This race of galactic explorers was traveling from planet-to-planet mining resources. The last stop on their journey was earth, but that’s when things went horribly wrong. Their spaceship broke down, and now they are gathering parts in order to return home. This is where you, as a collector, will enter the scene. Interaction with the Dfinity Space Apes website will take place in two parts.

  • Footprint – This is where you will gather your space apes to prepare them for the journey home. You will have to acquire space apes NFTs to access this part of the website. It will allow you to leave your footprint on the virtual world, ensuring that all Dfinity Space Apes owners can leave their mark on the metaverse.
  • Apesteroid mining – This is where you will mine resources from various planets on the journey home. It will involve a play-to-earn format video game (more on that in a moment).

Besides being a 10,000 NFT collection, there is something else you will want to pay close attention to when collecting Dfinity Space Apes. Each ape will feature a planet in the background.

Those worlds will play a key role in accessing the play-to-earn game. Therefore, you will need to collect planets if you want to be able to mine. But have no fear! Your planets will actually be a free airdrop as long as you collect three Dfinity Space Apes with the same world in the background.

And, of course, you will be able to buy planets from people who are willing to sell them on the secondary market.

A Dfinity Space Ape with a planet in the background featured on the DSA Twitter account

So really, Dfinity Space Apes is not one but two collections! First, you have the apes themselves, which will give you access to the Footprint portion of the website. Then you have planets, which you can collect for free or purchase. You will need at least one of each NFT type to enjoy the play-to-earn game.

The Incredible Apesteroid Mining Game

There are ten planets available, and some are rarer than others. When you play the Apesteroid Mining game, you will be able to enjoy the maps that correspond to the planets you collect. There are several exciting features about this game that will make you want to collect the apes and worlds so you can play when it releases later this year.

  • Fun and Nostalgic Gameplay – First of all, the game is just fun. The controls are basic, but that only serves to give it even more of a throwback feel to great games of the past. Even the music has a very “classic video game” feel. And remember that what we have seen so far is just a demo level, so we look forward to great things when the ten planetary maps are complete. If you haven’t played the demo level yet, join the Dfinity Space Apes discord and check it out.
  • Tokenization – The Dfinity Space Apes team is working on a token that will be earnable in-game. This token will be used in an in-game marketplace that may allow you to swap metals, increase mining capacity, or perform other buying and selling activities. We look forward to learning the exact tokenomics as the game gets closer to release.
  • Partnerships – Dfinity Space Apes is using the game as an opportunity to partner up with other projects on the Internet Computer. The only currently announced partnership so far is notable – Poked Studios! In fact, in the demo, the level's final boss is a Poked bot. We look forward to seeing how partnerships like this develop in the future.
A screenshot from the Apesteroid Mining game demo level

Get Ready for Takeoff

The launch is happening on January 5th, so what do you need to do now to be prepared? If you are not already familiar with the Internet Computer ecosystem, you will need to get either a Stoic or Plug wallet and load it with some ICP. How much? Here’s a pricing schedule:

  • Round 1: 1000 DSA @ 0.8 ICP
  • Round 2: 1500 DSA @ 0.9 ICP
  • Round 3: 2000 DSA @ 1.0 ICP
  • Round 4: 2500 DSA @ 1.1 ICP
  • Round 5: 2500 DSA @ 1.2 ICP

So you will want to be quick when you head to the entrepot marketplace on January 5th to get the best price on your apes. And don’t forget to try and find three of each planet so you can qualify for the free airdrop!

The Dfinity Space Apes logo

One last note to anyone in the Dfinity Space Apes discord who earned the whitelist role. The public and whitelist sales will begin simultaneously, but you will receive a 0.1 ICP discount. Just be sure to submit your wallet address in the appropriate channel on the discord server so the system knows to discount your purchases.

It’s almost time to fire up the rocket boosters. Let’s go, apes!

  • Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the original author and other contributors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of the Dfinity Community staff and/or any/all contributors to this site.

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