Dfinity Community Partner Dfinity Vietnam to Airdrop NFTs to loyal IC Supporters

Daniel James
Daniel James
Dfinity Community Partner Dfinity Vietnam to Airdrop NFTs to loyal IC Supporters

The Dfinity Vietnam Community, established in May 2021, is one of the most active communities of the Internet Computer ecosystem. In recognition of the milestone of being among the first official communities in the Internet Computer ecosystem, they received a community grant from the Dfinity Foundation.

Dfinity Vietnam Community has collaborated with NFT artist - NyanCat to create a collection of 10,000 DfinityGangs NFTs, which will be dropped to members who are active and contributed to the Dfinity Vietnam community, and members of top projects that are our partners on the Internet Computer ecosystem such as CCC, DSCVR, Cetoswap and of course, Dfinity Community!

The collection is inspired by THE GANGS - Pioneer members of the community who believe, support and build together for a growing Dfinity community. DfinityGangs NFT will act as a passport, a guarantee for the contributions of members recognized by the Dfinity Vietnam Community, and will have the opportunity to receive many airdrops from Dfinity Vietnam Community and partners in the Internet Computer ecosystem in future projects.

The design concept is shaped from 8bit punk characters with a size of only 40x40 pixels, each DfinityGangs NFT is the combination of many designs of faces, eyes, nose, mouth, costumes, backgrounds, and hundreds of different accessories to create unique characters to differentiate personality of the owner.

The characters in DfinityGangs are designed with a variety of genders and races, such as humans, aliens, special aliens, zombies, deviart, dead... and many accessories combine to form 10,000 completely different characters using algorithms.

Dfinity Vietnam hopes this little gift will bring the Dfinity community together and attract more new members to the Internet Computer.

*This article has been published at the behest of Dfinity Vietnam and Crowd Creative Canvas, both partners of Dfinity Community.

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