Dfinity Bulls Updates: Price, Airdrops, and Game Ideas to Get Excited About!

Daniel James
Daniel James
Dfinity Bulls Updates: Price, Airdrops, and Game Ideas to Get Excited About!
Table of Contents
Table of Contents


Dfinity Bulls want to thank everyone that supported them and have minted their Bulls NFT! They truly appreciate your support! They have some good news to share! Hold on to your Bull NFTs!

— Dfinity Bulls are lowering their sales price to 0.5 ICP per NFT. They are doing this based on the current market condition and setting a lower entry-level for those who want to get one of their NFTs.

— For those that purchased at a higher price, Dfinity Bulls will airdrop 1 Bull NFT to your wallet. Dfinity Bulls are super thankful for your early support! They will be logging the wallet addresses and giving perks to their early supporters in the future!

Sales page: Entrepot


Dfinity Bulls will airdrop their first upcoming Wearables NFT to those that bought and held the Bulls NFT from the Public Sales! The airdrop ratio will be 1:1. The wearables NFT will have power stats that are beneficial to have in the upcoming game!

How does the airdrop work?

— Dfinity Bulls will be looking for Bulls NFTs that have not been traded before on the marketplace.

— All untraded Bull NFTs owners will either get future airdrops for free or exclusively (no one else will have it except you diamond hand owners)! It will be limited, rare, and exclusive.

— It does not end with this one airdrop! If you don’t trade your Bulls and keep holding! You will always be eligible for future wearables airdrops!

This is to reward Dfinity Bull's diamond hands supporters that trust them! Hold tight and wait for the launch of the Alpha game!


Dfinity Bulls want to share the ideas they have in mind for their game! They would also love to get some feedback!

They will focus all their energy on making their P2E game! They want their game to be different and entertaining.

Dfinity Bulls will create a DFINITY Battle Arena Game. Note that they didn’t call it Bulls Arena because future collections and collaborations with other NFT projects that could potentially join the arena game are also in their consideration!


The game will be a 1v1 battle where you can practice, level up, and match with other players in a live scenario. The Bulls NFT and wearables will have power stats added to it. The higher the power stats, the better chance to win, but there will still be strategy and some luck involved overall to win the battle!

The Bulls have levels! The power stats will increase by maxing the Bull’s levels, thus making the Bulls even stronger. A stronger Bull will have more chances to win 1v1 live battles!

Each player will have a short profile of their wins and losses. They can also flex their Badass Bulls and wearables NFT!

Okay, sounds pretty awesome for the Playportion; how about the Earn portion? — Continue reading!


Fight & Bet System. This is a lot to think about, but the potential is immense. Dfinity Bulls will make sure everything is legal. — How does it work?

—  Anyone with Bulls NFT can participate in 1v1 live battles. It can be just for fun, or both players can agree on any amount of ICP that they will be fighting for. The winner will take all from the loser.

— Anyone who visits our Bulls game can place their bets on upcoming featured live battles using ICP. A pool of ICP will be accumulated, and those that place the correct bets will split the ICP pool evenly by the % of their bets. Bulls NFT holders get more % earnings from the ICP pool. — Not interested in bets?

Fight & Rewards System. — How does it work?

You can gain rewards by hitting the max level, winning matches, winning tournaments with big prizes, etc. Rewards can be a form of NFT that can be sold to the marketplace.

Stay tuned

Please do note that these are Dfinity Bulls' initial ideas! Nothing has been set in stone yet, and they may change their initial thoughts into something even better. They will provide updates on their development progress as time goes by!

Please join Dfinity Bulls' Discord Server discord and let them know your ideas and valuable feedback at the #ideas-and-suggestions channel to help make their game better. Dfinity Bulls truly hope you can stay with them, support them in their journey and watch it come to fruition!

*Please note: This article was produced by the Dfinity Bulls team and published at their request.

  • Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the original author and other contributors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of the Dfinity Community staff and/or any/all contributors to this site.

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