BTC Flower Dominates the Internet Computer NFT Marketplace in a Strong Trading Week

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
BTC Flower Dominates the Internet Computer NFT Marketplace in a Strong Trading Week
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

I reported on the explosive entry of BTC Flower into the marketplace last week, and the trend is continuing strong. Despite most of the liquidity in the marketplace being tied up trading BTC Flower, the marketplace as a whole has recovered quickly from last week’s downturn.

Has BTC Flower brought new collectors to the Internet Computer, resulting in increased floor prices in a number of projects? It’s possible since most of the other projects with increasing floor prices this week had no news to drive the trend. Let’s take a closer look.

This Week’s Top 5 Gainers

I’m going to start with BTC Flower because what they have been able to accomplish in their first week on the market is truly special. BTC Flower hit 10k ICP in volume in just the first couple of days on the secondary market, and they reached 20k within a week. They very quickly have become the #6 project on the Entrepot marketplace for all-time volume, and the floor price of 20.50 ICP is number one among collections with more than 54 NFTs (there are 2009 BTC Flowers).

BTC Flower on the Entrepot marketplace

Which projects are the top 5 gainers in floor price for the week?

· Starverse – Free airdrops can struggle to maintain a steady floor price, especially when there is no new news for the project. However, Starverse, the first-ever free airdrop on the Internet Computer, had an amazing week. The floor price has increased from 1.3 ICP to 1.8 ICP – an increase of 38%.

· Dfinity Bulls – The Bulls project has been stagnant for weeks as collectors continue to wait for airdrops that were promised back in December (and then January). However, recent sweeps have driven the floor price up from .28 ICP to .36 ICP – a 29% increase. Accessory airdrops are supposed to have in-game use when the Bulls game is eventually developed and released.

· ICPuzzle – Here’s another project that has been waiting on airdrops for a while, but collectors are loyal and keep sweeping cheap pieces. After two weeks of a declining floor price, ICPuzzle has recovered to a floor price of .1 ICP, an increase of 25% over last week. Perhaps the sudden interest is due to some news in the Telegram chat that Entrepot has scheduled the airdrop for holders in February (the exact date has not been revealed).

· Imagination Project – The photo project from StudioTedd is continuing to gain traction after a shoutout from BeYou (the creators of DfinityDeck) last week. The floor price increased another 10% this week. That makes a two-week change of 71% from 1.98 ICP to 3.29 ICP, and very few remain near the floor price. Two weeks ago, 61 of the 180 NFTs in the collection were on sale, but there are only 35 left on the market.

· ICPunks – A 9% floor price increase doesn’t sound like much until you consider the fact that it means that a 14 ICP floor is now 15.3 ICP. With Gigaverse actively testing their new marketplace, you can expect continued interest in their NFT collections, which include ICPunks, ICats, Infinity Frogs (Ethereum chain), and Infinite Flies (Polygon chain).

Imagination Project on the Entrepot marketplace

New Entries to the Marketplace

Besides BTC Flower, which joined the secondary marketplace just before last week’s update, we have two other collections to introduce, both of which have the same creative team. Liquid ICP, an on-chain DEX hoping to eventually bridge polygon to ICP, released 420 Voxel Assassins on Entrepot and airdropped 1,000 2D Assassins on DSCVR. Both collections have started well. Voxel Assassins has over 1,500 ICP in volume in just a few days with a floor price of 2.95 ICP. 2D Assassins dropped one day later and currently have 185 ICP in volume and a floor price of 1.5 ICP.

And while Infinity Chimps are not new to the marketplace on Entrepot, they are only just now available for resale on the secondary market. There are currently nine available starting from 10 ICP. Remember that 3% of resales go to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest.

Stunning Infinity Chimps art for resale on Entrepot marketplace.

That's all for today! Until next week, remember to do your own research and collect responsibly.

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