Boxy Dude Set to Take the Internet Computer NFT Marketplace By Storm

Boxy Dude Set to Take the Internet Computer NFT Marketplace By Storm
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Boxy Dude is an NFT collection that is more than one year in the making and has a roadmap that stretches through the rest of 2022 and beyond. If that wasn’t enough, the Boxy Dude team blew our minds this week by revealing their identities and the incredible portfolio and experience possessed by each team member.

They have done everything from work on movies (many of which can't be revealed due to non-disclosure agreements with the production companies) to high profile video games (everyone has no doubt heard of Call of Duty even if – like myself – you’ve never personally played it). We’re talking Master of Science degrees, 3D virtual events platforms, sound design – if you can think of something relevant to the NFT industry, one of the team members has probably done it (if not all of them).

So what is this talented team bringing to the Internet Computer ecosystem?

A High-Value Project

Obviously, the team is essential when it comes to NFTs, but you also need to know about the project itself and what makes it so valuable. For that, we have to head to the roadmap. With Boxy Dude, the value all starts with the longevity of the project.

How many NFTs have you bought without realizing that the team behind the project was actually just one guy who hired a freelancer to create a 10k collection over the course of a few weeks? From conception to the sale to a likely failed project requires only a few months of time and lines the dev’s pockets with $100,000 for minimal effort. Now let’s contrast this with the Boxy Dude team.

The first Boxy Dude drawing from April 2021

The team has been working on this project for over a year! The concept of Boxy Dude started in February 2021, and the first drawings were ready in April of last year. This wasn’t an overnight or farmed-out project. It took the team most of last year to finalize the artwork. And Boxy Dude finally came to life as we know him today in December 2021.

But that’s not where the prep work ended. Think of the ambitious roadmaps for some of the projects you may have collected. Then think of the disappointment that follows when you find out the team is flying by the seat of their pants,  and they don’t even know how to deliver what they promised. Again, you will find the opposite is the case with the Boxy Dude team.

They spent the month of January working on Boxyverse and the breeding logic for their project. Then in February, they formed strategic partnerships with the technical team they needed to make it a reality. With the public sale coming up on March 27th, the groundwork has been laid for a successful launch and the implementation of the roadmap.

So what does the roadmap have in store for Boxy Dude collectors?

The artwork on Boxy Dude is an 8-month long labor of love by the team

A Three-in-One NFT Opportunity

Boxy Dude is actually a three-in-one collection for anyone who doesn’t mint an NFT merely to flip it. And you won’t have to wait long for your single NFT to turn into a two NFT collection. Boxy Girl will be airdropped for Boxy Dude holders on April 28th. So just 31 days after your NFT purchase, you will have two NFTs from this outstanding team. But it doesn’t stop there.

Four months later, in August 2022, breeding will begin. That’s right! Your Boxy Dude and Boxy Girl will be able to breed. So in the end, you’re buying not one but three NFTs when you get Boxy Dude later this week.

Of course, this talented development team isn’t happy stopping there. They’ve got more in store for us! In December, the Boxyverse will launch. This is will also include Box Token, a new token on the ICP blockchain for use in the Boxyverse.

Yes, this project has been in the works since February 2021 and will be here into 2023 and beyond. So much work has gone into this project, and the team will continue to sink their tremendous talent and experience into it to ensure this is one of the core projects on the Internet Computer.

So all that’s left is to address the one controversial part of the project.

This Boxy Dude seems all set to go to the moon

Boxy Dude Pricing Announced

Some people threw a fit when the price of 7 ICP was announced. Here’s my personal opinion on that.

First of all, I hate it when artists and developers are coerced into devaluing their time and artwork to accommodate complaints about pricing. This team has been working on Boxy Dude for over a year. Even at 7 ICP, the community will be paying them a fraction of what their time is worth. Are there some projects that price too high? Sure. But rather than complain, each collector needs to evaluate the project and determine if it is worth the mint price. Not every project is for everyone.

Don’t forget that your 7 ICP is getting you a Boxy Girl next month and the chance to breed your NFTs in August (not to mention Boxyverse access in December). It’s not like you are being asked to pay 7 ICP for a profile pic that was made for fifteen cents each on Fiverr. You are collecting from a high-end project with one of the top teams we’ve ever seen.

Bob Bodily, is that you as a Boxy Dude? Yes. Yes, it is.

The Boxy Dude Mint

The Boxy Dude mint is taking place on March 27th on the Entrepot Launchpad. The public sale price for one Boxy Dude is 7 ICP. Keep in mind that there may be discounts for whitelisted wallets or bulk purchases, but this has not yet been revealed at the time this article was written. Either way, Boxy Dude seems poised to take its place as one of the top metaverse and breeding projects of the Internet Computer ecosystem.

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