BeYou's Cyberpunk Metaverse Begins to Take Form

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
BeYou's Cyberpunk Metaverse Begins to Take Form
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

When you think of BeYou Studios, you probably immediately connect them with their massively popular NFT collections on the Internet Computer. Right now, they have three collections on Entrepot: (1) DfinityDeck Paradigm, (2) DfinityDeck Elements, and (3) Digms. While DeckSwap is an important project to the team, and there are many more updates coming, this is not all that has been in the works for the BeYou team. We want to introduce you to their metaverse project.

BeYou Previews Their First Metaverse Building and DfinityDeck Holder Perks

The team posted DfinityDeck Tower on Twitter and in Discord to much acclaim from fans of the project. After all, they revealed in the post that DfinityDeck cardholders would be among the first to receive accommodations in the Tower and be able to take advantage of the metaverse. According to the team, the building style was inspired by the Judge Dredd film/comics, and the entire metaverse they are creating is to have a cyberpunk theme.

BeYou's first preview of the DfinityDeck Tower

Besides the feel of the Tower, you’ll also notice a lot of projects represented in the neon lights of the build – both their own and that of other brands on the Internet Computer, as well as some possible hidden hints. While some are more prominent than others, if you look closely, you’ll find:

· BeYou

· DfinityDeck Paradigm

· Entrepot

· The distrikt logo

· The number 2072

· The words Crypto Café

For those of you who are in the BeYou discord, these previews likely have a familiar feel. They have provided several sneak previews recently of metaverse assets, each of which is handmade. The filmed animations show the depth of detail being placed into each metaverse asset. It is no wonder to find out that the team has already spent countless hours on this project, from constructing blueprints to rigging characters.

Making Good on the Promise of the Metaverse

Many teams are promising metaverse worlds to their supporters, but BeYou reminded us that all of these projects have a long way to go. Creating the metaverse is like building an airplane and learning to fly it while already in the air. It’s exciting, a little scary, and there’s likely to be a tremendous payoff for the early supporters of projects that get it right. In the meantime, developers have to make their own tools to integrate with game engines that will run on the IC. So before you say, “Wen metaverse sers?” know that the team is working around the clock and is making steady progress.

While there is no release date scheduled at this time, the team has more updates to share in the near future, and they are much further along than you may have expected. They wanted to have plenty to share before they started dropping these sneak previews, so we’re looking forward to more reveals in the near future.

In the meantime, DfinityDeck Tower represents the first city block in the cyberpunk metaverse. And yes, the building itself is massive, but what is even more exciting is everything inside this massive metaverse building. As the team recently tweeted, “The vision is real, and we continue to chase it!” We look forward to seeing the BeYou studios team, their early supporters, and all of our readers in the DfinityDeck Tower!

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