"Baddest Ruffest" Music Video NFT Debuts on the Internet Computer

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
"Baddest Ruffest" Music Video NFT Debuts on the Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Canistore, Portal, and Toniq Labs have made history by releasing "Baddest Ruffest" as an NFT. This is the first music video that is hosted entirely on the Internet Computer's (ICP) blockchain, or on any other blockchain.

Canistore, Portal, and Toniq Labs have made history by releasing "Baddest Ruffest" as an NFT. This is the first music video that is hosted entirely on the Internet Computer's (ICP) blockchain, or on any other blockchain.

You have a chance to literally own a piece of history — but hurry, because on February 14, 2023, all unsold NFTs will be burned!

The "Baddest Ruffest" NFT Makes History

"Baddest Ruffest," is a classic 2002 song that has been licensed by major corporations such as Coca-cola and Heineken. It was even the theme song for the 2002 World Cup, reaching No. 15 on the UK charts. It has also been featured in movies, including Ali G Indahouse and Bend It Like Beckham.

How "Baddest Ruffest" Was Almost Lost to Time

One of the most interesting aspects of the "Baddest Ruffest" music video's release on the Internet Computer is the fact that the original file for the video was lost. All that could be located was a low-quality version at 250p resolution.

Utilizing AI technology, Canistore was able to take the 250p video to the next level. They brought it up to a 4K resolution – making it look spectacular compared to what's on YouTube. It's an amazing transformation!

Check out the restored version of "Baddest Ruffest!"

Portal | Video Player

Even though the higher resolution video was great, its hefty file size of 4 GB proved to be a major challenge for Toniq Lab's Entrepot. That's when Portal stepped in to take care of the upload and hosting, ensuring that the video was delivered to fans in the highest quality possible.

"Baddest Ruffest" NFT Benefits Artists and Fans

The release of "Baddest Ruffest" on the Internet Computer marks a significant milestone in the use of blockchain technology in the music industry.

By transforming the music video into an NFT on the ICP blockchain, Canistore, Portal, and Toniq Labs have ensured that the creators are properly compensated for their work, while also empowering fans to own a unique and verifiable digital asset that represents their partnership in owning the music.

"Baddest Ruffest" is the first NFT in an 8-part of a 8 piece collection by Canistore called 'Club 888.' All NFTs are direct collaborations with the musicians who earn 50% of the revenue, while Canistore earns 35%, which goes towards their Dapp's computational costs. Lastly, 15% goes to the community who minted the first NFT of the collection by the Grammy Award winning producer, P2J.

Those who own the "Baddest Ruffest" NFT on the ICP blockchain will be eligible for an exclusive reward - a split of 2 million tokens (1 million Ghost and 1 million Cani tokens). Don't miss out!

  • Cani is Canistore's governance token. Cani will allow holders to license, store, monetize, and broadcast their content on the blockchain. In other words, Cani tokens give holders the ability to take control of their digital assets and use them in a variety of ways.
  • Ghost tokens, on the other hand, represent the first meme coin on the Internet Computer and were offered to Canistore, Portal, and Toniq Labs for their collaboration on the "Baddest Ruffest" music video.

Conclusion: ICP and the Future of the Music Industry

It is clear that the release of "Baddest Ruffest" on the ICP is just the beginning of a new era in the music industry, one in which blockchain technology will play a crucial role in the distribution and ownership of music.

The distribution of Ghost and Cani tokens to holders of the "Baddest Ruffest" NFT is a unique and innovative way to reward fans of the music and incentivize the use of the ICP blockchain for additional media projects. These tokens not only give holders an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of history-in-the-making, but also allow them to be a part of the larger, and quickly growing, ICP ecosystem.

In closing, the use of AI technology to enhance the "Baddest Ruffest" video, and the collaboration between Canistore, Portal, and Toniq Labs to ensure its successful release on the ICP blockchain, highlights the astounding capabilities of modern machine learning applications and the potential for blockchain-based platforms to revolutionize the music industry.

What are you waiting for? Let's have fun together, dance, and change the world!

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