Back-to-Back Record-Setting NFT Launches on the Internet Computer

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Back-to-Back Record-Setting NFT Launches on the Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Last week we saw a massive bull run for some of the OG projects on the Internet Computer. Some of those floor prices corrected a little this week, while others continued to rise. This week's big story – perhaps this pulled some liquidity from the secondary market – is the record-setting week for new drops.

Let's start on Thursday. We thought we had seen it all when ICPets sold out in less than 15 minutes from the start of the public sale. Congrats to that stellar team and more on that project in just a moment. However, we then saw another new record of Friday with IC Kitties selling out in about 3 minutes! This is undoubtedly a combination of great marketing, the Internet's love of cats, and a strategic partnership with ICPuppies (again, more on that in a moment).

With those stories in mind, let's take a look at the NFT marketplace for the past week.

Top Marketplace Gainers of the Week

Before we get back to the newcomers on the marketplace, here are four projects that had a terrific week.

  • Infernal Vampire Colony - IVC continues its explosive floor price growth and increasing scarcity. There are now only 116 of these NFTs for sale on the secondary market, and the floor price is up to 2.15 ICP. That represents a 110% increase over the floor price of 1.02 ICP from just two weeks ago!
  • IC3D - This collection is riding high on the news of a strategic partnership with Juego Studio, an award-winning game developer. Additionally, they recently announced that NFTs from their genesis collection will represent land ownership in the metaverse and that they are dropping a collection of 40 3D ICmoji NFTs in February. With big news comes big moves.! This week, the floor price is up 71% from .28 ICP to .48 ICP. Scarcity has grown, with about 10% of the NFTs being sold or delisted on the market. Plus, the collection did 373 ICP in total volume, which may not sound like much, but it means 23% of their total volume happened in the past week despite the collection being nearly two months old.
  • ICmojis - ICmojis is pioneering the way in the video gaming world on the Internet Computer. While ICmoji Origins continues to be free to play for anyone who doesn't mind using the three random characters available that day, the upcoming tournament mode requires players to own the mojis they use for the auto-chess strategy game. The tournament is otherwise free to enter and features a grand prize worth about 700 USD. It's no wonder the floor price has risen 68% over the past two weeks from .70 ICP to 1.18 ICP.
  • ICPuppies - The floor price spiked 59% this week to 3.99 ICP. What accounts for this rapid rise? The two factors include a strategic partnership with ICKitties and a 44% drop in the number of puppies on the market (due to both sales and delisting).
@icmoji on Twitter

Here are some more honorable mentions:

  • Poked bots - The floor price rose another 16% this week as the bots continue to grow scarce. They saw another 3,800 ICP in volume as collectors await the ability to burn common GEN1 bots to create GEN2 mutant bots.
  • ICPunks - The punks of the Internet Computer have quietly had a couple of good weeks, increasing the floor price by 25% in that period.
  • ICApes - The apes saw 2,100 ICP in sales volume in their second week on the marketplace.
  • Starverse - The first-ever free airdrop on the Internet Computer saw a 33% increase in floor price this week.

Explosive Newcomers to the Marketplace

Three projects sold out and entered the marketplace this week. The big standouts are ICPets and IC Kitties. Both sold out in minutes and have already hit 3,500 ICP in secondary sales.

The other big newcomer this week is ICP Art. The Tranquility collection sold out rapidly, despite a 7 ICP price tag on the public sale. The 99 painting collection already has a 19.50 ICP floor price. There have already been some big sales, with a painting selling for 120 ICP on the first day of listing. Expect higher prices to be reached soon as this collection boasts some serious talent.

Showcase piece of the Tranquility Collection

Additionally, they sold out the presale for their second collection – Equanimity – in under 48 hours. The owners of the two collections together govern an art DAO.

What I'll Be Watching This Week

Thanks to the recent announcements, I'll be watching the floor prices on IC3D this week. It will also be interesting to see what happens with the ICMojis tournament this week (I'll be entering my team for sure).

I'll be watching newcomers to the marketplace as well. Cyman should sell out and join the marketplace this week. Also, there are new sales coming from ICPrime8s, The Sword, and ICircle.

See you next week!

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