As Floor Prices Recover, Is a Rare-Hunter's NFT Market Emerging?

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
As Floor Prices Recover, Is a Rare-Hunter's NFT Market Emerging?
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

While some projects continue to see falling floor prices week over week, and the glut of new launches has caused many to fall flat, there are still many positive things to look at from last week’s Internet Computer NFT marketplace. Let’s start by considering the big winners of the week, and then we will look at why this may be the ideal time to hunt for rare NFTs. This is the weekly update for the week of 28 March - April 4.

Dom isn't just going to become an NFT. ICelebrity is auctioning the framed original artwork. 

The Top Projects of the Week

Let’s take a look at five NFT projects on the Internet Computer that saw floor prices leap 30% or more during the past week.

· ICelebrity – The most significant floor price move of the week goes to ICelebrity. The floor rose from 10 ICP to 22.5 ICP, representing an increase of 114%. This is likely due to excitement over the artwork of Dominic Williams that is set to go to auction – finally completing the collection at 100 artworks.

· Dfinity Donkeys – If you’re not in the Discord, all you’re missing is constant questions over when DONGE token (the first meme token on the Internet Computer) will drop. In the meantime, the Donkeys' floor price is up 67% from 0.27 ICP to 0.45 ICP.

· ICPics – After losing about 2/3s of its floor price, ICPics has leaped 48% this week from 2.5 ICP to 3.69 ICP. The snapshot is already taken, but with the Art Thief NFTs getting close to dropping and a chunk of the already limited collection of 1000 NFTs set to be burned, it seems like some collectors are trying to get ahead of things. The team has hired Sukanto Debnath to design the artwork for the next phase of the roadmap. No doubt, this is also bringing attention to the collection.

If some of these characters look familiar, that's no surprise. Sukanto Debnath has character design for Disney on his resume. 

· Internet Astronauts – The floor for the astronauts rose 38% last week from 1.1 ICP to 1.52 ICP, and it is a testament to the power of DSCVR. The IASC Portal (gated portal for the Internet Astronaut community) held the top two spots on the trending page. It gave Astro holders the chance to show off their rainbow writing, and it led to a lot of questions about how to do it, followed by extensive floor sweeps.

· MoonWalkers – The floor price on the MoonWalkers collection from the ICGallery team is up 30% from 10 ICP to 13 ICP. There is too much news to write it all here, so look for an exclusive article coming up in the next few days. The short version is that the ICGallery team was able to speak with Dominic Williams himself about how to bring more game developers to the Internet Computer, and the dev team behind the MoonWalkers is leading the charge.

I want to shout out a couple of other projects that were very close to making the list.

I got the opportunity to test out the new wallet from the ICSnakes team and it worked flawlessly. As you can see, I was very careful to use a minimal amount of ICP during the test.

· ICSnakes – A 24% floor price increase from 1.2 ICP to 1.4 ICP is no doubt connected to the upcoming marketplace. In the meantime, the team has been working on a wallet that is now live for testing. It can successfully hold ICP and NFTs. Just remember it is still being tested, so everything you transfer to the wallet is at your own risk.

· ICPrime8s – The ICPrime8s floor is up 23% from 0.30 ICP to 0 .37 ICP. That’s a nice gain for a project that initially launched at 0.30 ICP in their public sale. The second phase of the roadmap, the release of 3000 Monkey NFTs to add to the 4000 Prosimians, is coming up on Saturday, April 16th, on Yumi Marketplace. Holding ten or more Prosimians gets you Monkey airdrops at a rate of 1 Monkey for every 5 Prosimians.

All of this happened despite the entry of another five projects into the secondary marketplace: CrowdFund NFTs, Dwarves of Eimolad, ICWhiskers (CrowdFund), ICKoalas, and ICLions (exclusively on C-C-C marketplace).

So Why Is Now the Perfect Time to Rare Hunt?

It’s simple – floor prices are rising. That means someone looking to sell a rare may have had it listed above floor price, but if they don’t see the floor price rising, they may leave it listed close to the new floor. Additionally, someone who wants to get out of a project may dump a rare closer to the floor price now that they have increased a little, seeing the renewed interest as a chance to cash out. So don’t be afraid to sort by rarity or use the “traits” tab to help you find some sweet rare NFTs at a great price.

In the meantime, there are a lot of projects still available for mint on the Entrepot Launchpad. And you probably already know, the one I’m most excited about entering the fray this week is Drakon. Additionally, Boxy Dude, ICKitsune, Genshin Dolls (exclusively on Gigaverse Marketplace), and Crypto 90s should all launch or go to the secondary marketplace this week, so there are plenty of ways to spend your ICP.

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