Art, Games, DeFi: This Is the Internet Computer NFT Market

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Art, Games, DeFi: This Is the Internet Computer NFT Market
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Okay, I haven’t used my weekly marketplace update to shill my upcoming NFT art collection at all, but I’m going to start today by saying the launch is scheduled for October 3rd. However, if you are in the US and your wallet is listed for the private sale, it will actually still be Sunday evening (the 2nd) when the sale beings (sorry to my European friends, where the private sale will begin very early on Monday morning). Please note that the private sale does not guarantee you can buy an NFT. There will be about 150 wallet addresses on the list and only 50 assets in the collection. You can read more on my blog.

Now, let’s look at what’s going on in the Internet Computer’s NFT marketplace. There’s a lot to discuss as the market is filling up with more art NFTs, airdrops, token drops, and Game-Fi news than ever before!

Flower Power DAO Artist to Suit Up for Christie's

A look at Ludo's artwork, up for auction by Christie's later this month. 

The floor price of Ludo’s BTC Flower and ETH Flower collections continue to “Rise Up” as more ICP Flower sneak peeks are revealed. But perhaps the biggest news in the artist’s life this month is happening offline. Shanghai dust 2 will be up for sale at a Christie’s auction in Paris on 21 September. The same auction features work from renowned contemporary artists Keith Haring, Yayoi Kusama, and Jeff Koons.

Personally, I think we toss around the phrase “blue chip” too lightly in the NFT world. When it comes to the physical art world, an artist needs years of consistent sales at auctions, proving that the value of their work is expected to increase regardless of the current economic conditions. So a special congrats is in order for Ludo as his first artwork takes center stage at a Christie's auction. I hope it is the first of many to come for him.

Game-Fi Projects Connected to NFT Collections Show Promise

Plethora made a welcome announcement on Twitter and Discord for long-time MoonWalker holders this week. They let everyone know that MoonWalkers would finally have utility in the Plethora game. While many of us have enjoyed trying to set the high score on the various weekly competitions, and many have earned some nice NFTs or tokens as a result, September will be the first month that Plethora’s flagship avatars, the MoonWalkers, will start to play an active role in the project.

While the utility is yet to be announced, the IC community is clearly taking the announcement seriously. About 25 MoonWalkers sold in the first 48 hours after the announcement. While the floor price rose from 12 ICP to 14 ICP, the NFTs sold for as much as 21 ICP as collectors searched for their favorite traits.

The IC Dinos portal seems to be adding new features weekly, so be sure to log in with the wallet holding your Dinos if you haven't already. 

Another Game-Fi project on the IC that is making major strides is IC Dinos. If you haven’t checked their portal in a while, there is a lot you are missing out on. Features include naming your owned NFTs, aging your dinosaurs to a teen or an adult, a marketplace, a store, $DINO tokens, and more! The team is clearly dedicated to the success of the project, and I can’t wait to see the first previews of the game.

Clearly, the IC community is also looking forward to the game as the collection has seen two straight weeks of floor price increases and two straight weeks of listing decreases. The floor price has increased 51% over the past two weeks from 1.85 ICP to 2.8 ICP, and only 13.8% of the Dinos are listed for sale on Entrepot.

The IC Ecosystem Is Stoked for DeFi, and NFT Collections Are Benefiting

First of all, I want to remind everyone about the DKLord and Egido Val collaboration with InfinitySwap. While the token allocation is yet to be revealed for OG Medals and IC Bucks holders, you can see the effects already impacting the collections. OG Medals, in particular, saw the floor price rise over 55% these past two weeks from 41.9 ICP to 65 ICP.


Another major DeFi play that NFT collectors have been making is Finterest. As far as I know, the Finterest team hasn’t announced any utility yet for their Early Adopter Cards. However, collectors are clearly intent on the idea that having proof of early adoption will result in rewards. The floor of the collection has been spiking sharply over the past two weeks. In all, there has been a 79% increase in floor price from 24.5 ICP to 43.9 ICP over that two-week period. Meanwhile, just 9.5% of the EA Cards are listed for sale.

What I’m Watching This Week

This week, I’m going to be keeping my eye on a few of the collections I referred to here in the article, as well as an upcoming collection that is minting for free on Meme Cake’s platform.

· MoonWalkers – I don’t know if the utility will be announced this week or not, but either way, I know collectors will be keeping an eye on Plethora this week.

· IC Dinos – The team seems to be announcing new things on a weekly basis. What will be next? While we await in-game stats for the Dinos and previews of gameplay, this is a collection I’m keeping my eye on.

· Kip: Ugly NFT – 10k ugly pixel NFTs are coming to Meme Cake’s platform. We just got our first sneak peek on Twitter Monday. The collection will mint for free on Thursday, with addresses on the private sale list able to mint a limited number each.

Clearly, art, games, and DeFi are important to the IC ecosystem and the NFT marketplace. Let’s see what leads the market next week. Until then, trade responsibly!

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