Big Players Are Using Content Fly's New Contest Feature

Sam McCallum
Big Players Are Using Content Fly's New Contest Feature
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Viral Buzz + Content Creation = Content Fly DApp's New Contest Feature.

Today Content Fly DApp dropped an update allowing any user to launch their own content creation contest on the platform. Some of the biggest names on the Internet Computer have already posted contests... so how does it work?

What is Content Fly?

First of all, Content Fly is a Web3 Job Management Tool and Marketplace dApp running on the Internet Computer. It powers trustless freelance content creation projects, with escrow smart contract payment and IP protection through Deliverable Ownership & Proof of Job Completion NFTs. They've received multiple DFINITY grants and reached the finals of the Supernova Hackathon with their Beam Payment Protocol (more to come on that in a separate article).

Up until now, Content Fly users have only had the choice of running a 1-to-1 job with all of the interactions kept private. The contest job type, however, will allow full public visibility of all submissions from content Creators. This encourages the community to get involved by not only submitting concepts, but also scanning the submissions and posting their opinion on social media about who they think should be crowned the winner. This transparency enables all community members to be a part of the decentralized building of DApps/DAOs through submitting ideas/content for the contest that DApps/DAOs will use. Job posters (Buyers) can then choose a winner to award the $ICP prize to. However, some teams have said that they will be giving away NFTs as prizes to multiple submissions!

Check out live contest jobs by well-known Internet Computer teams:

GIZM-EME Meme Contest - by VRSTL x InfinitySwap Collaboration

NobleBright Logo Design Contest - by Kontribute

Learn How to Sign Up + Submit a Concept/Pitch + Create a Job

How to Create Account, Submit Concept & Create a Job (Content Fly - Youtube Video)

So go ahead, create your own contest job here, or submit a concept for an existing contest/1 to 1 job here!

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Stay tuned for our next article on the Beam Payment Protocol App, launching soon!

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