Animal Guardians: The Internet Computer's New Champion for Animals

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Animal Guardians: The Internet Computer's New Champion for Animals
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Dfinity Community is proud to introduce the Internet Computer ecosystem to Animal Guardians, the next huge player when it comes to championing animals. Animal Guardians will be a large generative series that will launch on Entrepot on March 4th. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a Romanian dog rescue, ROLDA, and some will go to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). For those of you wondering if there is enough space in the ecosystem for another project that donates to animal charities, the answer is yes, and here is the reason.

Infinite Charity Project, Winding Down After Successfully Raising 850 ICP

We’re all familiar with the massively popular Infinite Charity Project, their Infinite Chimps NFTs, and their charity auctions. However, the Infinite Charity Project is set up as a corporation. While the United States is happy to tax the corporation on all ICP donations, federal regulations on crypto exchanges have made it nearly impossible for the charitable organization to turn the donated ICP into dollars without asking for identification from donors.

Rest assured, Infinite Charity Project is legally committed to donating all remaining ICP donations to 501.c.3 animal sanctuaries. However, the US government makes it completely counterproductive for the project to continue in its present form.

As a result, Rustin, the founder of Infinite Charity Project, is now setting up his own sole proprietorship called Animal Guardians. US law will allow such a business to change ICP into US dollars without compromising the privacy of its customers. This makes it easier for him to donate to a wider range of charities, some of which don’t accept cryptocurrency.

What Does This Mean for the Chimps & Friday's Auction?

Have no fear! The Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest will still receive 3% of Infinite Chimps resales forever! Your chimps are safe, both on the blockchain and in the real world!

As an added bonus, everyone who purchases an Infinite Chimp NFT by the end of February and declares it in the Discord will receive a free airdrop from the new Animal Guardians NFT collection!

Before we say goodbye to the Infinite Charity Project and hello to Animal Guardians, there is one last order of business. Let’s make Friday’s auction the perfect conclusion for the project. You can get some great NFTs, do a lot of good for animals, and provide the Infinite Charity Project the send-off it deserves after raising so much money to help animals all over the world.

So what’s next?

Animal Guardians Gives the Internet Computer Community More Opportunities to Help Animals

As mentioned, this new project is going to immediately pick up where the Infinite Charity Project left off, and there are already new donations planned as a result. How can you help ROLDA and the WWF protect animals? By collecting the Animal Guardians NFT series when it releases on March 4th. So without any further ado, here is a sneak preview of the collection:

Panda Queen - Animal Guardians sample image with art by Mark Sarmel

You may immediately recognize the work of artist Mark Sarmel. Mark is well known for producing art depicting a wide variety of cultures and peoples. You can expect bright, bold colors, regal-looking people, and (of course) animals. The beautiful artwork in this series will help launch a new era of donations to animal organizations on the Internet Computer.

So what is the next step you should take? Keep an eye out for more information about the project in the coming weeks, including the total number of NFTs in the collection and the initial sale price. How can you be among the first to receive these details? If you already follow the Infinite Charity Project on Twitter and in their Discord, then you are all set. These accounts will transition to being the Animal Guardians accounts in the near future.

Dfinity Community looks forward to supporting Animal Guardians, just as we have supported the Infinite Charity Project. We are certain the community will keep up the good work of helping animals all over the world!

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