And The Most Anticipated NFT Launch of Q3 Is…

And The Most Anticipated NFT Launch of Q3 Is…
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

There is exciting news as the most anticipated drop in Q3 for the Internet Computer is just days away!

But before we get into the details on that, let’s take a look at a couple of projects that performed well this week. And no surprise here, the success is connected to token and NFT airdrops!

The First Meme Coin on the Internet Computer Is Here

Dfinity Donkeys has been teasing their meme token DONGE since the project launch, and now the first token drop for holders is upon us. The holder snapshot was taken on the 21st due to an issue with the Plug wallet that occurred on the 20th. In subsequent months, the holder snapshot should always happen on the 20th according to an announcement in the Donkey's discord, so that should be something to keep in mind for anyone who wants to increase their holdings before future drops or anyone who wants to offload before a snapshot since that is usually when floor prices peak.

DONGE token representation from the Dfinity Donkey's Medium blog.

It was a smart move by the Donkey’s team to distribute the 1 million tokens per NFT in five drops of 200k over the course of five months. Otherwise, they would have been risking a sudden floor price dump from holders who were only around to get the tokens. In the meantime, if you were holding Dfinity Donkey NFTs on July 21st, be sure to verify your principal ID on their website before July 30th to ensure you get your token drop. The website will tell you how many tokens you qualify for when you verify your address.

Donkeys sold well in the weeks leading up to the snapshot, and now that the community knows four more snapshots are coming, the floor price is holding up well. In fact, it is up 28% in the past week from 0.5 ICP to 0.64 ICP. And the number of donkeys listed for sale has been cut by nearly 1000 over the past four weeks (from 2315 down to 1396).

ICPuzzle Airdrops Start to Arrive Via Yumi Marketplace

It’s clear that Neel from ICPuzzle and Drakon’s THE EGGs acclaim is one of the Internet Computer’s most beloved artists. While ICPuzzle and THE EGGs are both listed for sale on Entrepot, the recent airdrops from both collections have been listed on the Yumi marketplace. THE CLUB is the holder reward for the Drakon faithful who met the holder requirements for the quarter to receive gold, platinum, and diamond tier rewards. ICPUZZLE REWARD is the first of the anticipated airdrops for ICPuzzle holders.

In true ICPuzzle fashion, many of the NFTs in the rewards collection represent one piece of a larger artwork.

Neel caused quite a stir when he announced that there were going to be 1:1 3D Puzzle drops for holders. But ICPUZZLE REWARD was a very limited airdrop that has been in the works since last fall, with sneak peeks appearing here and there for the Puzzle community for months. Since the rewards collection was so limited, there are currently only 62 owners of the 73 new artworks, some of which are pieces that comprise a larger artwork. The current floor price is 9.99 ICP.

In the meantime, the ICPuzzle collection had a great week on Entrepot, with the floor price jumping 52% from 0.25 ICP to 0.38 ICP. At the time of writing, just 100 of the 623 listed puzzle pieces were priced below 1 ICP, so there are still limited opportunities to secure a 3D Puzzle airdrop at a low price.

Are You Ready for the Pineapple Punks Launch?

Can you believe it has been just over half a year since internationally famous artist Ludo and the talented BTC Flower team changed NFTs on the Internet Computer forever with their launch on January 23rd? Since then, we’ve seen the launch of ETH Flowers, the release of the Flower Power DAO voting dApp, and enjoyed seeing the community’s creativity with the MANIFESTO fork on CCC. It’s been a busy half a year for the team, and now they are releasing the most anticipated launch of Q3 in the Internet Computer NFT space – Pineapple Punks!

As this sneak peek from the FPDAO Medium blog shows, Ludo has created a wide array of features for the Pineapple Punks collection.

The FPDAO post on Medium provides an incredible backstory for the project, so be sure to give it a read before the drop. For those of you who love rarity charts, you’re going to lose your mind when you see what the team is calling The Pineapple Punk Tree of Life. It’s more like a flowchart than a rarity chart, mapping the insane number of possibilities (with some occurrence percentages included), so you can get an advance idea of just how many possible combinations there are with these artworks that many are sure to use as their profile pictures for years to come.

Here are the launch details:

· There will be 7777 Pineapple Punks in total.

· Airdrops will be delivered on Saturday, July 30th. 2007 are going to BTC Flower holders from the time of a snapshot (unfortunately, 2 Flowers were locked in earn contracts and had no address associated with them for the airdrop). There are also 6 airdrops for developers who helped the team get the launch ready on time.

· The whitelist private sale will happen on Sunday, July 31st. About 82% of ETH Flower holders met the criteria for being whitelisted, and they will have a price of 3.5 ICP. There are also 100+ art contest entries whitelisted. Finally, the rest of the whitelist spots (around 4000) went to those who provided Proof of Humanity using MODCLUB on Monday, July 25th.

· The secondary market will open on Monday, August 1st. However, the reveal of the Punks will not happen until Wednesday, August 3rd. So the first couple of days of sales will be blind.

So once again, there will be no public sale for this release. It is a precedent the team has set in an effort to ensure collectors receive the NFTs rather than bots, and it has been very effective so far at helping maintain the value of the artwork blended with tech in the existing collections. In fact, BTC Flower just hit the massive milestone of becoming the first collection on the Internet Computer to pass 200k ICP in total volume. In the same week, the ETH Flower collection passed 60k ICP in volume, making the collections two of the top six on the IC.

Will Pineapple Punks join the flower collections at the top of the charts? We have to wait until the launch to find out what kind of reception the collection will receive, but if the speed with which the Proof of Humanity whitelist spots were snatched up is any indication, the community is ready to give Pineapple Punks a warm welcome.

Dionysus' Masks

666 AI generated assets.

Airdroped to wing holders and participants of many of the major OG projects of the IC.

From Oli

"Ancient Greek mythology has it that there was a god called Dionysus, a bit of a party animal and lover of the arts. In the famous theatre tragedy called Bacchae the Greeks called him the ‘many masked god’. The assets I’m sending out are loosely symbolic of the virtues the party people of antiquity used to worship. I call them masks".

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