Airdrops, Art, & Metaverse Previews Reign Supreme This Week in the IC's NFT Market

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Airdrops, Art, & Metaverse Previews Reign Supreme This Week in the IC's NFT Market
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Collectors are showing off what they want by their transaction history this week in the NFT marketplace. What are people clamoring for? They want airdrops, NFTs from artists, and a glimpse into the metaverse. Here are the top gainers of the past week.

Drakon and IC Puzzle Soar on Sneak Peaks of Art

Neel is one of the OG artists of the Internet Computer space. His first collection, IC Puzzle, is over ten months old now (an eternity on the recently 1-year-old Internet Computer). Not only did the ecosystem find out that Neel is creating stunning 3D Eggs for the Drakon project (which is currently rebranded as The Eggs Collection on Twitter and Discord), but he is also going to be airdropping 3D Puzzle NFTs to holders of the original collection (made up of 3534 Gen0 NFTs). How did the news impact collectors?

Here is a 1/1 from the 3D Eggs Collection Neel made for a partnership with InfinitySwap. Sorry, but we can't show you the 3D Puzzle previews here because this is a "Safe for Work" blog, but you can check the @myartbar Twitter account for those sneak peeks.

· Drakon – The Drakon collection sold out after weeks of languishing on the secondary market. It’s such a success story of sticking it out and continuing to market your project that it deserves its own post (and spoiler alert – it’s going to get one). The short version is that all Drakon holders are getting a 1:1 drop of stunning Dragon Eggs (now called The Eggs Collection), and for every four Dragon Eggs, there will also be a dynamic Baby Dragon NFT in your future. The project sold out within days of the announcement, and secondary sales jumped 386% in volume! The floor price doubled from 0.7 ICP to 1.4 ICP, so everyone who minted at 0.9 ICP is well into the green.

· IC Puzzle – Neel also previewed some naughty animated 3D Puzzles to be airdropped to holders of certain rares in the collection (look for details on the drop in the near future). The team also revealed that every IC Puzzle holder is getting a 3D airdrop, even if you have one of the common pieces. The news caused a collection that is ten months old to have a 21% jump in volume in under 48 hours. The floor price is up 163% from 0.32 ICP to 0.84 ICP. Rare prices are soaring, and NFTs on the market are growing scarce, as 18% of the listed NFTs were sold or delisted.

BeYou Studio's Metaverse Preview Receives a Warm Welcome

BeYou Studio hit the ecosystem with a double whammy this week. They previewed their metaverse, which showed off just how far along the team is. Plus, they announced the airdrops and whitelist spots that will come to holders of their existing three collections when their fourth collection drops in the near future. As a result, all three collections are seeing floor price increases.

King of Hearts preview from the next collection in the DfinityDeckSwap series

· DfinityDeck: Paradigm – The flagship collection from BeYou saw a 32% jump in floor price from 190 ICP to 250 ICP. This was primarily due to delisting since holders want to get the two airdrops per NFT that were promised for the upcoming collection.

· DifinityDeck: Elements – The second card collection from BeYou saw a 24% floor price increase from 21 ICP to 26 ICP. Elements NFT holders will receive 1:1 airdrops.

· Digms – Digms were up 13% from 4 ICP to 4.88 ICP and saw their third week in a row with an increasing floor price. Digms get holders a whitelist spot. However, if you are holding more than one Digm, be sure to keep them in separate wallets to maximize your number of whitelist spots.

What Is CetoSwap?

The answer is that it is yet another marketplace on the Internet Computer that is in Beta right now. Why is CetoSwap notable for this week’s marketplace update? The answer is that this is the only place you can buy Bobo Eggs. Bobo is the NFT collection from ICPL, and they’ve had a very big week. The floor price of the collection rose 102%, from 0.89 ICP to 1.8 ICP. Collectors who purchased for 2.5 ICP in the public sale still want to see the floor increase a little more, but things are looking good considering they are only available on one of the least known marketplaces in the ecosystem. In other news, Bones Dfinity and Puppet Originals will also be launching on CetoSwap in the near future.

The Internet Computer Community Loves Art

Other collections that are seeing success are art-related. Here are a couple of examples:

· IC Bucks – The currency-related art project from Egido Val is now in its fourth consecutive week of floor price increases. This week, the floor jumped another 22% from 2.09 ICP to 2.54 ICP. That’s a 195% increase from the 0.86 ICP floor price of just four weeks ago!

· Internet Creeps – Yes, there was a little early controversy over whether all of the pulp artworks used in the collection were public domain. Now that the air has been cleared and the team has reassured the community that they have the rights to use the classic art for their generative collection, the floor has been on fire. An increase from 10.5 ICP to 22 ICP marks a 110% movement in just seven days.

High-End NFT Projects Are Coming in Fast

I’m going to wrap up this week’s article by discussing the soaring prices of mints on the Internet Computer. Here are some of the projects that launch in the next two weeks with mint prices of 10 ICP or more:

· cryptoText – This limited-edition collection of just 202 NFTs may almost completely sell to whitelisted wallets. The mint price is 15 ICP whether you get in on the private sale or have to click fast for the last few on the public sale.

· Meta Future’s 3D Motorcycles – The total supply is 600, and the mint price is 10 ICP. The team will also be launching a 3D Cars collection in the future.

· Kabi (by KVERSO) – This metaverse project isn’t giving their avatars away cheap. The 1000 NFTs will sell for 20 ICP to whitelisted addresses and 25 ICP to the general public.

· Impossible Pass – The Impossible Pass is your all-access ticket to exclusive launches on the Impossible Things marketplace (from ORIGYN Foundation). There are 5000 passes, so they won’t guarantee you availability in collections under 5000, but they will give you early access to private sales that will likely never see a public mint. ORIGYN has decided to set a price of 314 USD for their passes, so rather than set an ICP price now, they are going to calculate the price based on the value of ICP when the passes are sold on June 13th. For reference, at current ICP values, the NFTs would sell for approximately 40 ICP each, so you may want to start setting some ICP aside now.

That’s all for this week – remember to always do your own research and trade responsibly.

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