Be A Chosen One Within The A3capas NFT Universo

Ricardo J. Capuz L.
Be A Chosen One Within The A3capas NFT Universo
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

What makes NFTs worth owning is mainly their rarity, innovative design, and plans for the project and the brand itself. That's exactly what the upcoming NFT collection "Faceted Meninas" by a3capas gives to the collector.

The collection is the first 3D design on Entrepot (First NFT marketplace on The Internet Computer), and only 102 unique NFTs have been minted for this collection. Although these exclusive NFTs are not one-off, they are a part of the Universo, a game where your NFT avatar will be chosen to save the universe, or how we called it: The Universo.

Now that you know the general topic let me elaborate a bit.

The Universo

Inside of The Universo, the human race had not had an important role until now, but a dark star is going to change everything. In 2021, a dark star crossed the precious vortex of Kazlandar, throwing a dust expanse into a tiny part of the Milky Way galaxy, creating a massive impact on the third planet of the so-called Solar System, home of the human race.

Many died, many remain the same, but unbeknownst to some of the survivors, they develop the sacred essence of Kazlandar.  This enables them to harness energy capable of taking the most fortunate on a cosmic journey that merges their souls with some of the most powerful, glorious, and sublime creature species of The Universo.

The First Creatures of The Universo

This week we want to introduce you to the Faceted Meninas, the first of many of the a3capas creature species collections that will be the main characters in our game universe. Meninas creature species are one of the two most powerful characters of the game. The species is formed by two twin siblinghood: The Lux and The Faceted, with only 125 unique pieces each (This week, we're going to mint 100 playable and two only collectibles).

Faceted Meninas

Future NFTs


You are one of the chosen humans to be a seed of Kazlandar essence, and because of that, you have the power to merge with different creatures that you can call with your deck.

Creature Species

  • Two sacred siblinghood and another eight creature species will be introduced over time.
  • Besides the creature species you are going to find Impact resources, that can be both natural and non-natural and could be used to crush your enemies - like instant attacks.


  • The source of energy for the creatures to charge power.


  • The tools to mine Elementum.

Game types

  • Risky module: Betting card game (The first in dev plans).
  • Farm module.
  • Strategy module.


The structured roadmap will be released in October, but here you have a sneak peek: Airdrop for holders and at least one more Creature Species this year.


A couple of years ago, my parents and I decided to start a project that united us even more as a family. That journey began with our passions: tech, decor, and art. We named it a3capas, representing our three-layered family: Elisabeth Lárez (Architect) and father and son, both named Ricardo Capuz (System Engineers).

At we design, manufacture and sell 3D printed sculptures that you can check on our website and our Instagram (@a3capas). We want to launch our first NFT collection (Faceted Menina creature species) and start creating a community that works and makes decisions with us. We plan to extend the team in the first 2-3 months to 5-7 people and start working on the first game of The Universo.

Twitter - @a3capas

Connect With Us:

Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | Facebook | Email

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