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Table of Contents

The Internet Computer has seen improved growth of its chain, and the team behind this blockchain is moving to implement more features on the roadmap. A groundbreaking pump is on its way as DFINITY shows the true capability of the chain in the coming weeks, months, and years ahead. It’s no secret that the bearish run has taken a toll on this coin and has affected the recent price action.

This has been the trend in recent memory; however, unlike other coins that have little or no use case like Shiba Inu, the Internet Computer does have actual utility. Additionally, the probability of an upward boom is significant considering the scalability and the promising tech. Recently, the marketing team has been changed and can hopefully begin to promote the chain after 15 months of radio silence since Genesis.

Founder, Dominic Williams, emphasized the need to move all tech projects to a decentralized, fast, and open blockchain when he made the following statement:

“If you build on big tech, you’re building on sand. You just can’t trust it."

At the time of writing this article, ICP has a circulating supply of 249,650,025 ICP and a total supply of 485,635,543 ICP. Bitcoin still sits at the top, with Ethereum moving slowly behind. ICP will, with time, move to the third position as one of the greatest breakthrough coins. Moving on, technical analysis will be of great importance as we delve deep into the crux of this article.


Just about fourteen months after its launch, the ICP is ranked 36th among cryptocurrencies with an ATH price of  $750.73, but dipped further till it got to its current price at $8.71 –  with a 24-hour trading volume of $132,334,588, which is currently up by 18.05% compared to 3.83% around early July. 2021 was a mixed year for the coin, but it survived the plunge with plans in place to ensure the best years are yet to come. Many experts have supported this project with zeal and under unequivocal responses that show that it is a good investment and can grow at a great pace.

The resistance level of the coin presently lies on four scales, the first at $7.98, $12.16, $17.90, and $26.99, respectively; the support level remains at $4.72. Consequently, the current price indicates poor performance, but it is expected to have a bullish run afterward.

The momentum of the price is currently in an upward movement. ICP is below $50 at the moment, and the coin seems to be forming a positive RSI divergence.

Since ICP is just beginning, experts have given opinions on the future of the coin. Here are some of the opinions given.

  • Digital coin was of the opinion that the ICP is a good investment, and it is expected to hit a minimum of  $7.09 and a maximum price of $8.10, adding that it will average at $7.55 by the end of 2022. At the moment, it has surpassed the predictions of many.
  • Some were of the opinion that the coin will have a tremendous boost by year’s end and will remain at $10.
  • The Reddit community opined that, finally, there will be a ray of hope for the Internet computer. There is hope for consolidating trends that point towards the fact that the current price trend of Internet computer price may go on a higher sentiment making it a good investment than trading Bitcoin or other crypto coins.

The overall future prediction of this coin will depend solely on the promising projects built on this chain consisting of a large team of qualified devs and specialists. ICP has attracted quite a lot of attention within the entire crypto community and a bunch of amazing investors. If all goes as planned, the native token will increase drastically within a short while.

The next few weeks might expose other predictions that will shore up the current price – hopefully, a bullish move will spike some attention towards the ICP. Let’s take a tilt to the other end of the discussion, where predictions will be discussed at length.

ICP Price Prediction for 2022-2024

With the current market, the Internet Computer is predicted to hit a minimum of $19.5 in 2022 as the token potential increases to a maximum of $23.5 and an average of  $20.5 throughout the year. Furthermore, the market will not be void of a bear rush in the second quarter of the year; 2023 comes with continued macro pressures and a minimum price level of $28.80, it will reach a high level of $35.53, and an average of $29.76 is likely to ensue in 2023.

According to expert predictions for 2024, the price will technically reach a minimum of $40.22, reaching a maximum of $48.75. To wrap it up for 2024, the coin can average a $41.41 price.

ICP Price Prediction for 2025-2027

The advice during this crucial growth of the ICP is that investors should stake more of their coin. Meanwhile, others can buy more because the coin is on the verge of exploding during this period. Technically, 2025 will birth a minimum of $58.09 and is expected to go as high as $68.99 with an average of $60.26.

The price of the Internet Computer is predicted to reach a minimum price level of $84.75 in 2026 with a subsequent average of $85.75. The maximum of $98.30 market price is possible throughout the year.

ICP is targeted to bounce to $116.51. Fortunately for us, the cost of ICP will reach a maximum price of $144.90 in 2027; the average should be hovering between $119.86 and $120.01. Hop on the train to gain an insight into why you should buy some ICP. Once you buy on the exchange, you will want to move your money to a crypto wallet. The two most popular wallets for use with ICP are Stoic and the NNS.

ICP Price Prediction for 2028-2030

The Internet Computer price is expected to reach a minimum of $161.47 and a max of $200.27. The average price within 2028 should be $167.48. There might be a bull run, but it won’t exceed a 0.10% increase for the year, but a gradual increase is imminent.

The 2029 price for this token will come with a lot of ups but a few slopes along the line; the price is expected to reach a minimum of $232.59 with a maximum of $278.15. The year’s average will remain at $240.95.

Finally, as the coin grows into its decade move, a surge in price is unavoidable, and it will reach a minimum of $323.85. ICP will be worth a maximum of  $412.94 with an average price level of  $333.47.


Despite the fact that ICP is a new chain, it is supported by promising projects and an experienced team. Many crypto enthusiasts are interested in the Internet Computer network. The project's goal is to solve internet-related difficulties. Although we believe that ICP is a good long-term investment, we recommend that you do your own research before investing in it.

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