5 Reasons Why Dmail Beats Traditional ENS

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
5 Reasons Why Dmail Beats Traditional ENS
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Get ready because Dmail is about to become your favorite email service on Web3!

Dmail's star-studded group of pioneering developers has already secured massive funding. They've also won a DFINITY grant and a Shanghai Hackathon prize. It's no wonder they're succeeding because their upcoming service absolutely blows away the competition!

My colleague, Daniel, recently interviewed the remarkable team behind this exciting new project and wrote a detailed article outlining how Dmail improves on traditional email capabilities for the web3 era.

If you haven't already, check out Dmail's demo!

Thanks to the Internet Computer's low gas fees, robust scalability, and interoperability, Dmail is able to truly showcase its developers' ambition and creativity. Here are five reasons why Dmail beats traditional email notification services (ENS).

1. Dmail is a versatile and comprehensive platform

Whereas ENS focuses on providing a domain service, for Dmail Network, email is only the beginning!

Dmail also features:

  • Subscription services for messages and emailing lists;
  • An enterprise version with expanded capabilities for businesses; and
  • Integrated login to other Internet Computer services via email.

However, this barely scratches the surface!

ENS only offers basic email services. In contrast, Dmail will support asset management, empower users to transfer both fungible cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), enable airdrops and specialized project messages, and of course, provide decentralized storage without the drawbacks of commercial cloud services.

2. Dmail supports NFT exchanges

ENS was created before the advent of blockchain technology, and thus it lacks the capability to handle vital aspects of emerging Web3 ecosystems.

In contrast, emails within Dmail can be directly associated with NFT transfers. Not only that, but via an NFT domain marketplace, it will be possible to securely exchange Dmail accounts.

Think of the possibilities — you could even designate an inheritable account!

3. Dmail allows for a hierarchy of rights and features

Owning a Dmail domain account entails having a series of rights and interests. Based on the user's NFT domain account bits, privileges can be managed hierarchically. For example, in contrast to users with 8+ bits accounts, users with 1 to 7 bits accounts could have larger designated cloud storage space, send more email, and potentially receive more airdrops from projects.

4. Dmail is an implementation of direct inward dialing (DID)

Dmail's account and identity are uniquely bound together, which will allow for direct integration with decentralized applications (dapps) that users can log into through Dmail. Users' decentralized mailboxes are the final piece of the puzzle to implement a direct inward dialing service (DID) on Web3.

Thus, Dmail will function as a comprehensive, interactive messaging hub. In view of initiatives like the recent Terabethia bridge between Ethereum and Internet Computer, Dmail will also eventually enable its users to travel across multiple blockchains with the same decentralized identity. Once a large number of dapps integrate with Dmail, its email accounts will become like digital passports to all corners of the cryptosphere!

5. Dmail users own their data and control their identity

Dmail plans to be governed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) in the second quarter of 2022. After the proposed Service Nervous System launches, Dmail's DAO will ensure that no centralized authority controls Dmail. Thus, no one will be able to arbitrarily and unexpectedly discontinue services for users.

Moreover, the Internet Computer's core tech (VRF and BLS) drives Dmail's consensus mechanism. This ensures data security and speed because users' private data is encrypted and stored on-chain in a private canister. Dmail also allows users to use an alias instead of a user's actual Dmail address to guarantee further privacy.


Dmail's debut is right around the corner. Click here to learn more about Dmail's exciting potential for the Web3 revolution! The Dfinity Community will be keeping a close eye on this innovative evolution of email.

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