Internet Computer NFT Marketplace Spotlight: Yumi

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Internet Computer NFT Marketplace Spotlight: Yumi

Yumi marketplace is reaching half a year since it appeared on the Internet Computer scene. Since then, they’ve brought us some of the hottest NFTs in the Internet Computer marketplace. For example, Distrikt’s PODs have done over 8,000 ICP in volume since moving to Yumi from its previous marketplace just two months ago. Besides supporting one of the premier utility NFTs on the Internet Computer, Yumi also hosted the ecosystem’s first Art Festival during the month of August.

POD #1311 was sold for a record-setting 399 ICP during the Yumi Art Festival

Let’s take a closer look at what was accomplished during this historic event.

The First Worldwide Art Festival on the Internet Computer

Yumi promoted artists from all across the globe during the month of August, as well as NFT projects that highlighted traditional art, fashion, AI art, Game-Fi NFTs, and more! AMAs were hosted throughout the month to introduce many of these creators to the ecosystem. Here are just a few highlights from the collections launched during the art show:

· FACELESS (by Sunny) – Sunny is one of the top artists to come out of the art festival. Not only has the FACELESS collection been a massive success, but he also has already airdropped a second collection to holders called Royal Ape, quickly setting himself apart as one of the premier AI art creators on the Internet Computer.

FACELESS #266 was the biggest Yumi sale during the month of August, with a dedicated art collector spending 400 ICP to collect this NFT. The same person now holds 2 of the 5 NFTs in the collection with golden wings. It's notable that the same wallet also spent 400 ICP to mint 5 Revelation Walls NFTs from Candice Marquet's collection, so there is clearly a significant art collector using the Yumi marketplace.

· PRP-KIX (by VRSTL) – This 3D animated sneaker collection was a surprise launch and still sold out instantly. The limited nature of the collection made it possible for VRSTL fans to sweep the floor. Now, only a few are available on secondary, and the floor price is 5x the 15 ICP mint fee.

· Nauts CC (by Nauts World) – Nauts World will create several collections for their Game-Fi project. The cloning chambers were released during the art festival and sold out completely. Now the community awaits their Nauts so they can begin cloning them in the chambers.

· Cosmic Birth (by Circle of Life) – This is the second collection from the Circle of Life art team. Along with Celestials, Cosmic Birth holders receive access to future private sales. The sold-out collection is also selling at many times the initial 0.75 ICP mint price.

These are just some of the successful collections launched during the art festival. In fact, Yumi launched seven different proof of attendance NFTs, and they have already airdropped PODs, their own Martian Avatars, and several other NFTs to collectors who have some or all of the POAP NFTs.

Yumi Launches Their Yumi Artists Palace Development Platform

Also, during the festival, Yumi launched a customized development section for artists. This can allow artists who just want to create a piece or two rather than an entire collection to be able to sell their work as NFTs. To date, the top sale in the Art marketplace is 200 ICP. The artwork was entitled Matter #1, and it was created by Leon Krykhtin.

Clearly, there are some high-end collectors shopping on the Yumi marketplace, as the top three sales during the month of August totaled 999 ICP.

What’s Next for Creatives on Yumi?

If you have an NFT collection to launch on the Internet Computer, you can take advantage of their current event (running from September 20 – October 20). Instead of the usual 10% launchpad fee and 3% marketplace fee, Yumi will only be charging projects 1% on their launchpad and 0.1% on the marketplace for 30 days. This is a great opportunity to launch a new collection and retain the launch funds and royalties for yourself or your project.

More Martian Avatars and other gifts are going to be dropped to Yummies (the affectionate name Yumi has chosen for fans) during this event period, so stay alert to find out the details on how to receive airdrops. And don’t forget to check out all of the great projects and artists featured on the Yumi Launchpad, Marketplace, and Art Palace.

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