Demonic Singularity: The Artist Behind Faceless and Royal Apes Explores the Dark Side of AI

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Demonic Singularity: The Artist Behind Faceless and Royal Apes Explores the Dark Side of AI

Sunny is becoming well-known on the Internet Computer for his AI art collections. This time, a compelling story is making his latest artworks the most diabolical yet. Demonic Singularity isn’t a battle between heaven and hell – it’s a battle for the survival of the human race when corrupted code gets into our AI counterparts in the future. Get ready for the ultimate “when robots go bad” NFT collection!

· When and where will the collection launch?

· How much will it cost, and how can you secure a spot in the private sale?

· What are the rarities, and how do they fit in with the story?

Let’s take a deep dive into this AI art collection where greed has taken the human race beyond the three laws of robotics and into something far more sinister.

When and Where Will the Collection Launch?

More Faceless have made their way into the Demonic Singularity collection

The collection is set to launch on Yumi marketplace, the same NFT marketplace where the FACELESS and Royal Apes collections find their home. The collection is slated to hit the launchpad on 23 October, so get your wallets ready!

Pricing and Private Sale Details

A preview of one of the three lieutenants from the Skullduggery type

In order to have access to the private sale, you will need to own at least one NFT from either the Faceless or Royal Apes collections. They’re pretty affordable right now, so if you want to be sure to pick up your Demonic Singularity NFT at the best price, this is the way to do it.

· The private sale will mint at 2.5 ICP per NFT

· The public sale will mint at 3 ICP per NFT

Rarities and Storyline

The full rarity breakdown for the collection

Now on to the fun stuff!

As you know, this is more than just a collection of AI art. Sunny is also using Photoshop to doctor the AI, so he’s the true artist of the collection. Plus, Dan (the head of marketing for InfinitySwap) is writing incredible backstories for each of the NFT rarity types. And a full story (that will also be NFTs thanks to the Nuance dApp) will take us on a journey through a world where greed corrupts AI and (most) robots become the enemies of the human race. This is the basis for the Demonic Singularity collection.

Here's a quick rarity breakdown:

· There are 1071 NFTs in the collection

· There are 12 types, with 21 to 233 of each type

· There are one to three lieutenants per type (except for robot pets which do not have a lieutenant

· A total of 23 commanders and lieutenants will be available in the mint

· There are 21 “cover art” NFTs – remember that this collection is story-based, and each chapter will have a cover

You can check your mint against this chart to see if you got one of the rare commanders or lieutenants

You can read the introduction to the collection here on Nuance. There are already several chapters outlining the roles played by some of the NFT types in the collection. So far, my favorite storyline is for the Asima type (even though it’s one of the most common). They are basically the heroes as far as the human race is concerned. They were designed to be so inherently understanding of the human race that the bots either erased the corrupted code or it simply didn’t impact them. You can read more about these loyal protectors in chapter 3 of the story.

Remember, if you want to be able to read the entire story, you will have to own an NFT from the Demonic Singularity collection. You’re not just getting cool art - you’re also minting access to the story (if you hold). So be sure to have your wallets ready for 23 October on Yumi!

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