ICPSquad Weekly: Onward and Upward

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
ICPSquad Weekly: Onward and Upward

It's been quite a week for the Internet Computer. Prices have spiked, and so has optimism about ICP's bright future!

It's been quite a week for the Internet Computer. As of Thursday, ICP price continued to rise at a pace that outperformed the crypto market in general. Meanwhile, community events have continued apace while news about HTTPS Outcalls and increased canister stable memory has buoyed developers. Anyone not feeling whiplash has an incredible backbone - after all, just a little over a week ago, the whole wide world of cryptocurrency felt like it was in dire straits.

What changed? Will positive trends continue for ICP and other cryptocurrencies? Only time will tell. For now though, the present has plenty of news to occupy us.

Here is your week in review.

AMA with Jan Camenisch and Diego Prats

On November 4th, DFINITY staff hosted an AMA on Twitter. Guests such as Bob Bodily made an appearance. Topics varied and included clarifications about the Internet Computer Association and the need for players other than the DFINITY Foundation to help drive the future of ICP.

The whole recording is well worth a listen, especially for those interested in plans surrounding canister upgrades, subnet expansions, and other technical details about the Internet Computer's future.

ICP Network is Visible to SEO

In what could be a huge boon to ecosystem growth, DFINITY clarified that sites hosted entirely on-chain are indeed discoverable by search engines. This is great news for developers, advertisers, and anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of blockchain while still driving traffic from mainstream Web2 sources.

APN News Says You Need ICP in Your Wallet

APN News lists the Internet Computer among three, must-have cryptocurrencies. The article goes on to praise ICP for pushing the boundaries of Web development and highlights its ease of use. "Anyone with a little knowledge of blockchains can create apps and release them on the [Internet Computer] for public use."

Fourth Global R&D Meeting

Making good on its commitment to greater transparency and community inclusion, the DFINITY Foundation is continuing its public global R&D meetings on every fourth Wednesday. Topics included a pivot to greater marketing focus, environmental advantages of the Internet Computer in view of climate change, recent NNS proposals, rotation of IDKG keys, planned data storage and memory upgrades, an update and progress report on the upcoming SNS, deterministic time slicing, promoting network decentralization, and Motoko code extensions.

During the meeting, the Internet Computer's updated roadmap was announced. Longtime members of the IC community will notice upgrades and a new look and feel to internetcomputer.org. The new roadmap is a welcome change, focusing on the development stage of multiple features with an open-ended approach to timelines. Readers can see, at a glance, which features are live, in progress, delayed, or proposed.

Roadmap | Internet Computer Home
The DFINITY Foundation is committing R&D resources in various domains of development with the intent of making the Internet Computer blockchain more efficient, faster and easier to use. This roadmap shows the status of many projects across the Internet Computer stack.

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