Good Things Happening in the NFT Marketplace for Projects That Keep Working

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Good Things Happening in the NFT Marketplace for Projects That Keep Working

It’s been pretty noisy lately. From disagreements over governance to FUD to misunderstandings, there’s a lot that could cause concern if you don’t take a moment to focus on the teams that are really doing the work. Today, I want to discuss three teams that are producing real products, and their NFT collections are surging as a byproduct of that work ethic.


POD #283 was a part of the very first airdrop for OG and active distrikt users

Distrikt’s PODs have been one of the top-performing NFT collections on the IC over the past couple of weeks. Here are a few statistics to show you just how good the collection is doing:

· The collection has passed the 11k ICP in volume mark on Yumi this week. Don’t forget that PODs were previously listed on Entrepot and did over 16k ICP in volume there, making this one of the top NFT collections of all time on the IC by volume.

· As of 24 October, there were only 432 PODs listed on the secondary market. That’s less than 10% of the collection, even after the recent airdrops. While the airdrops will continue until the collection reaches a full 10k, it’s very positive to see that people aren’t quick to let their PODs go.

· The floor price is up 33% over the past two weeks, from 7.28 ICP to 9.7 ICP. That is the highest the floor price has been since the most recent airdrop about a month ago. It’s good to see the collection move right back to equilibrium, even in a bear market.

What’s the secret to distrikt’s success? They really keep doing the work and delivering a great product. With the focus on providing an incredible Web3 social network, distrikt is showing that they plan to use the bear market to build, and the community is responding.


Cubetopia's Islands even caught the attention of the DFINITY Foundation's CEO, Dominic Williams

They didn’t rest on their laurels after winning the Supernova Hackathon. The Cubetopia team is continuing to develop a creative gaming experience that integrates on-chain gaming and NFTs. As a result, both Cubetopia NFT collections have been doing very well over the past two weeks.

· Founder’s Pass – Since a free Island was one of the draws for collecting a Founder’s Pass, some might have expected a price dump after the airdrops. However, the opposite happened. As people observe the work being done by the team and the early success of Islands on the secondary market, demand has increased for the rest of the rewards that come with the pass. As a result, the floor price of Passes is up 34% from 88.99 ICP to 119 ICP.

· Islands – The floor for Cubetopia’s Islands has come back down to earth a little over the past few days (it peaked at 35 ICP), but it is still more than double what it was two weeks ago. The current floor is 27.5 ICP. That’s a 120% increase over the 12.5 ICP floor from just two weeks prior.

Flower Power DAO

This is a not-so-subtle reminder from artist Ludo to keep building

While the BTC Flower floor is actually down a little, there are also fewer on the secondary market than two weeks ago. The ETH Flower floor price is up 9% from 95 ICP to 104 ICP, and there are quite a few less up for sale. It’s all about the ICP Flower snapshot that should be taking place the same day this article is published. You have to hold a BTC Flower and ETH Flower NFT in the same wallet to get an airdrop, and everyone seems to want to be a part of all the exciting things that Flower Power DAO has already done in the past ten months and has in store for the future.

Keep building, everyone. See you next week.

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