dSquad (formerly "ICP Squad NFT") MVP is Imminent!

Isaac Valadez
dSquad (formerly "ICP Squad NFT") MVP is Imminent!

We've been hard at work building these past few months, and within the next few weeks, we'll be launching our MVP along with a wave of exciting updates!

New Name/Brand

In the future, the "ICP Squad" brand will be used exclusively by what's currently called "Dfinity Community," the platform which published this article. With the help of our amazing community this past weekend, we finalized the new name for "ICP Squad NFT." Moving forward, we'll now be called dSquad!

New Website

We've been working with Andrew Sellen, first-place winner of Motoko Bootcamp, to refresh the design of our website; here's a sneak peek:

New Documentation

Along with our new website, we've created a Gitbook with the full details on every aspect of our project. This resource makes us one of the most well-documented projects on the Internet Computer. It's live, and you can read through it now:

New Accessories

Once the MVP goes live, there will be 20 new accessories available for minting!

We've designed a recipe structure that makes it impossible for too many accessories to be minted even in extreme situations, so they will always remain rare and valuable. The full details of our methodology can be found in our documentation.

Here are the recipes and artwork for our accessories:

New Features

Monthly Airdrops & Accessory Wear

Each month players will be able to compete for rankings on a leaderboard by equipping accessories (which slowly wears them out until they eventually burn) and completing missions within the Internet Computer Ecosystem. At the end of the month, the final rankings are pulled, and material NFTs are minted and distributed to the winners. These materials can then be traded and/or used to mint more accessories.

We've worked hard to design this incredibly advanced new type of dual-NFT economy in a way that's fair, robust, and exciting. We've also written about our full methodology for managing the inflationary & deflationary forces of dSquad accessories in our documentation.

Screenshot of recent dev work for the "Missions" page

New Funding

We recently fulfilled all obligations for our original $25k grant from DFINITY Foundation, and we just won a $100k follow-on grant! In fact, DFINITY was so impressed with our demo they invited us to show it to the rest of their dev team. Seb has been pushing the limits of what can be done on the Internet Computer, and we can't wait to share it with all of you!

Next Steps

Start collecting materials and accessories on Entrepot to get ready for when the MVP will drop, and join dSquad as we strive to gamify the entire Internet Computer ecosystem!

Connect with dSquad:

Discord | Twitter | DSCVR | Distrikt

Connect with the author: Twitter

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