Art News, Game-Fi, and BTC Integration Lead NFT Floor Prices Higher

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Art News, Game-Fi, and BTC Integration Lead NFT Floor Prices Higher

Despite the market conditions, there are still collections that find ways to strengthen from week to week. Over the past week or two, some of the main triggers for these increases have been artist news, gaming progress, and the impending BTC integration.

As we enter the second year of the crypto bear market, most NFT collection floor prices are unsurprisingly flat. However, collectors are using this as an opportunity to sweep floors, rare hunt, and hunker down for the next bull market. For example, Motoko Ghosts #7818 sold for 65 ICP last week. places this NFT among the top 2% of Mokoto Ghosts by rarity.

Despite the market conditions, there are still collections that find ways to strengthen from week to week. Over the past week or two, some of the main triggers for these increases have been artist news, gaming progress, and the impending BTC integration. Let’s see which collections were positively impacted.

Motoko Ghosts #7818 recently sold for 65 ICP

BTC Integration Sparks Hope

Let’s start with a collection that is no doubt benefiting from the imminent BTC integration. While many dApps will be quick to start using native BTC, one DeFi dApp that the community has been eagerly anticipating is Finterest. This is likely why Finterest’s Early Adopter cards have seen floor price increases for two consecutive weeks. Last week, the floor was up 22% from 29.5 ICP to 36 ICP. And the increase over the past two weeks is over 38%. The Finterest team is yet to even tell us what these cards will mean, but collectors seem to be hoping whatever advantages they hold will become apparent sometime after the BTC integration moves to mainnet (hopefully by the end of this week).

Another Game on the IC Is Making Strides

Teams that build during the bear succeed during the bull, and few teams work harder than IC Dinos. From the release of their dApp to being able to age dinos to videos previewing features of the upcoming game, the team has been showing evidence of progress for months. But it seems the community is just now starting to pay attention. The floor price is up 19% this week from 2.1 ICP to 2.5 ICP, and it has been up 25% over the past two weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing the continued progress of this game.

Artist News and Art Collection Floor Prices

A number of artists have released big news recently, and it’s no wonder that the floor prices of various collections are rising as a result. Here are a few examples.

· NotDogFinity – I bet you didn’t expect to see NDF on the list of top artists of the week, but previews of his new art collection are gaining attention. His My Monsters collection floor price is up 47% from 2 ICP to 2.94 ICP. This marks three straight weeks of floor price increases and a total gain of nearly 100% over the past 21 days. Keep in mind that airdrops for the next collection are coming to the top 200 DogFinity holders.

The latest teaser images from NotDogFinity are of the Finterest team, including the team's Co-Founder, Olliver, depicted here...

· Ludo – It seems a week doesn’t pass without Ludo producing some news. This week, he announced an artwork called Reboot that will be his first physical/digital art. In other words, winning the auction for the NFT will result in being sent a physical artwork. The NFT will then serve as proof of ownership. While the ICP Flower collection is the only one of Ludo’s collections with a floor price increase this week, I also want to congratulate him and the rest of the BTC Flower team as BTC Flower has become the first IC NFT collection to surpass the 250k ICP volume milestone!

· Jon Ball – Both pokedstudio collections have increased floor prices this week. Poked bots saw a 22% floor price increase from 20 ICP to 24.5 ICP. Meanwhile, Pet bots jumped 18% from 14 ICP to 16.5 ICP. This follows the incredible success of the Pixel Collection auctions and the news that Pixel Collection holders with qualifying Poked bots will be whitelisted for Gen2 bots.

· Egido Val – Egido has been making weekly news on the IC as well, and this week the big news is that his collaborative collection with DKLord – IC Bucks – will be featured in a physical art exhibition in Spain. Interestingly, his other NFT collection (WAGMI Dystopian Club) saw the floor price increase following the news – a 34% increase from 0.74 ICP to 0.99 ICP.

What I’m Watching This Week

There are other collections with big news this week that I’ll be paying close attention to.

· Revolucio – This is the flagship NFT collection from Canistore. And while collectors did receive airdrops from the Cani Club collection, that was actually a surprise bonus. The Canistore Team announced that Baddest Ruffest, their first music video NFT, will be airdropped to holders soon. In fact, the snapshot is going to occur within hours of my writing this article, so it will be completed before publication.

$CLOUD price chart from ICPSwap (this is not financial advice- remember to DYOR) 

· Crypto Clouds - While the NFTs originally seemed DOA – I will admit, I was one of just 19 people to mint – there are now 84 holders. The team is currently holding 4,343 of the 5,555 NFTs and 420 are still in the minting wallet. But there are only 6 NFTs listed below 10 ICP, thanks to a promotion from the team. NFTs that are unlisted (or listed for at least 10 ICP) generate $CLOUD tokens weekly. These are dropped via ICPSwap and must be claimed using the claim button. How might this generate some interest in the collection? $CLOUD was finally listed on ICPSwap, and the welcome from the community seems to have been immediate, with the price going vertical and recovering to the drop-in price over the course of just a few days.

That’s all for this week. Remember, whether you are buying an NFT, trading a meme coin, or investing in a dApp, always do your own research. There are a lot of cash grabs out there. Be safe, and trade responsibly!

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