Adam’s IC NFT Market Update: 1st Anniversary Edition!

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Adam’s IC NFT Market Update: 1st  Anniversary Edition!

Welcome to a very special edition of my NFT marketplace update. Can you believe it has been an entire year? When that first article was published, the whole NFT market of the Internet Computer had a total volume of about 223,000 ICP.

Welcome to a very special edition of my NFT marketplace update. Can you believe it has been an entire year? When that first article was published, the whole NFT market of the Internet Computer had a total volume of about 223,000 ICP. Today, that total trading volume is more than 1.85 million ICP! In fact, the BTC Flower collection alone boasts more volume than the whole market had a year ago (over 253k ICP), even though it hadn’t even launched yet at the time.

When I wrote my first NFT market update last December, I reported that the floor price of the Motoko Day Drop collection had increased from 6 ICP to 9 ICP. Don’t we wish we could go back to a year ago and get Motoko Ghosts (the new name of the collection) at that price? Today, the floor price for the original Motoko NFT collection is 30 ICP (up from 28 ICP last week)! Plus, during the past year, top holders were rewarded with a Motoko Mech (the floor price of that collection is currently 30.68 ICP).

In total, more than $33 million worth of ICP has exchanged hands on the Internet Computer marketplace, and there are well over 300,000 total transactions. I want to take this opportunity to thank Dfinity Community for giving me this space to write about NFTs. Thanks to everyone (past and present team members as well as readers) who have been here along the way and helped to make a full year of weekly NFT updates a reality.

This is the first cover art that Jay made for the weekly NFT market update. Thanks for a full year of great graphic design, Jay! 

It's been an incredible year! Let’s make the next year even better! Here are some exciting things going on in the Internet Computer NFT world this week.

Sv: The Artist Behind the VHS NFT Collections

I want to start with a shoutout to one of the great artists on the Internet Computer, Sv. Even if you don’t know his name, you will certainly recognize his artwork. His first collection on the IC – KVHS Drafts – has done more than 2200 ICP in total volume despite being a collection of just 60 NFTs. The floor price is currently 69 ICP. Nearly each NFT is in a different wallet, with a total of 45 holders and only three wallets holding more than 2 NFTs in the collection. All holders will receive a 1:1 airdrop of the next collection – KawaiiPASTEL.

Special thanks to Sv for creating this artwork for my 1st anniversary NFT market update! Glad to know this anime girl likes reading the blog too. 

Other collections include:

· KawaiiVHS – The collection consists of 500 NFTs. The floor price is 4 ICP, and the collection has done more than 1500 ICP in total volume. There have recently been some big sales as it was revealed that 4-star and 5-star NFTs in the collection will receive an airdrop in the upcoming collection – KawaiiPASTEL.

· MartianVHS – This was an airdrop to some of the top Martian Drip holders. The collection consists of just 100 NFTs.

· Cursed Bijin – Just 13 DSCVR users received this special airdrop in connection with the Portal Hunt event. Each was hand-drawn by Sv, and each holder will receive a 1:1 airdrop of the upcoming KawaiiPASTEL collection.

For more information:

· Follow Sv on Twitter

· Follow KawaiiVHS on Twitter

· Follow BijinArcade on Twitter

· Join the official Discord

Get a Customized 1/1 ICP NFT from a Well-Known Artist

When I saw the announcement about WDC Customs, I just couldn’t help myself. In fact, I may have been the very first person to order, and I’m proud to show off the NFT in today’s article.

Here we are - Mr. and Mrs. Freelance Ghostwriting! Thanks for the amazing custom artwork, Egido! And thanks to my wife for agreeing to let me show this off in today's article!

Most of you are probably already familiar with Egido Val, known for the IC Bucks and WAGMI Dystopian Club (WDC). Now, you can get your own customized WDC. Put your face on it. Get one for a friend. You choose the features you want from all of the other WAMGI traits. Payment is accepted in ICP or as a combination of ICP and NFTs from Egido’s current collections. You also get a special role in the discord server, and there is a channel in the WAGMI discord where only those who purchase WDC Customs can interact.  DM Egido on Twitter to learn more.

I also have to mention NFT Anvil in connection with this project since this is how Egido is delivering the customized NFTs to purchasers. NFT Anvil allows you to mint NFTs, control factors like pricing (future commissions) and flow (you can even create bound NFTs), and you just pay a small fee for the storage upfront to ensure your NFT isn’t going anywhere. Other projects have already made good use of this powerful NFT creation tool, including Cosmicrafts.

It's simple! Log in with your Internet Identity, and you are ready to start minting your own NFTs or claiming NFTs made for you. When you purchase a WDC Custom, for example, Egido will send you a link when the NFT is completed, and you follow the link, log in, and claim your NFT to add it to your inventory.

For more information:

· Follow Egido Val on Twitter

· Follow WDC on Twitter

· Join the official WAGMI Dystopian Club discord

Year Two Starts Now!

With the launch of the SNS and the mainnet of BTC Integration going live, you may wonder what the future holds for NFTs on the IC. After all, a lot of the liquidity will go into DeFi now. But even that can lead to NFT collection success. For example, some DeFi gains may be funneled back into buying art. Some collections may even benefit simply from their connection to other projects via DeFi.

ICLighthouse Planet Cards certainly seem to be benefiting. In just about 48 hours, the floor price jumped from 16 ICP to 92 ICP. That’s a 475% increase and one of the biggest pumps in recent history. Likely, this is due to ICLighthouse being the first DEX to offer SNS-1 token trading combined with the fact that holding the Planet NFTs results in a set airdrop of the DEX’s upcoming native token.

From art to gaming and DeFi to memes, there will undoubtedly be plenty of action in the NFT space. I look forward to enjoying the journey with you again this coming year. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you again next week!

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