5 NFT Collections That Saw Impressive Floor Price Pumps Last Week

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
5 NFT Collections That Saw Impressive Floor Price Pumps Last Week

Today, I want to talk about five NFT collections on the Internet Computer that saw impressive floor price increases for explainable reasons.

I have to admit; there are so many NFT collections launching on the IC nowadays that I can’t keep track of them all. Sometimes, a collection will pump 1000% in a week, and I can’t even figure out the reason why. However, it’s really easy to use NFT Geek to track the latest floor price increases if all you care about is pure numbers. Today, I want to talk about five NFT collections on the Internet Computer that saw impressive floor price increases for explainable reasons.

NFT Collections Giving Traders Something to Talk About

Without any further ado, here are the five collections I want to review this week, ordered from the lowest floor price increase (by percent) to the highest.

· Poked bots – With the Gen2 bots just around the corner and holders competing for them, it’s no wonder that the floor price is up for the third straight week. This week’s increase is 21% from 28.3 ICP to 34.28 ICP. The really impressive stat is that the floor is up a whopping 71% over the past month. People really want those beautiful Gen2 bots!

Honestly, I understand why everyone is losing their minds over these. Jon Ball really knocked it out of the park. They're totally worth the year-long wait (can you believe I reported on Gen2 bots in my very 1st weekly marketplace update last December?).

· Motoko Mechs – After an exciting launch, the Motoko Mechs have been rather quiet over the past two months. That is, until last week! A run on these 3D NFTs led to a 37% floor price increase from 29 ICP to 39.69 ICP.

· Fintrest Early Adopter Cards – I feel like I’ve been reporting on Finterest EA Cards on a weekly basis, but with BTC integration complete and a dApp slated to launch in January, there is a lot of excitement around this project. Plus, I bet that $1.5 million seed round didn't hurt expectations. The floor rose from 46.8 ICP to 66 ICP – a leap of 41%! There’s just one question we need to have answered – what will the utility of these NFTs be?

· IC Bucks – Egido Val has been making waves in the ecosystem and the art world on a consistent basis lately. The latest was a teaser from Bitboy, who revealed in a recent interview that a new collection is coming involving signs and an IC artist. While that sure sounds like WAGMI Dystopian Club to me, it’s Egido’s other collection that is up 50% this week. The IC Bucks floor rose from 1.22 ICP to 1.83 ICP.

Repost of an IC Buck from the official discord. 

· Crypto Wizards – The big story this week is Crypto Wizards. I’ll admit, I know just about nothing about this collection. But when the floor jumped from 42 ICP to 98 ICP in just one week (a 133% increase), I had to find out what it was all about. Besides some prominent ICPeople collecting NFTs from the collection, holders also received an airdrop of 10 Monkey Infinity NFTs. What is that, you ask? Good question. Let’s dive in!

Where Did Monkey Infinity Come From?

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a 10k launch like this. Monkey Infinity instantly sold out (to the tune of just 0.1 ICP per NFT). But trading has been hot and heavy. In under 48 hours, the collection has reached more than 1.4k ICP in volume despite the low-priced entry point. The floor is currently 0.4 ICP. But what is impressive is that Sunday, when I first took notice of this collection, there were about 400 NFTs selling for less than 0.4 ICP. Well, now there are only about 400 selling for less than 1 ICP (as of Monday), so I’ll be keeping an eye on this collection to see how things progress.

Until next week, always remember to do your own research and trade responsibly!

Repost of a Monkey Infinity NFT from Twitter featuring the rare Neptune skin trait.

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