Welcome to the Squad - the ICP Squad!

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
Welcome to the Squad - the ICP Squad!
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

We're the ICP Squad, and we're the future of social media. We believe in a decentralized, user-controlled experience. You own your destiny, and likewise, you own your data.

With us, instead of empty dopamine hits and targeted ads, you'll make real contributions and get real rewards for creating real relationships that grow the Internet Computer ecosystem. How? Through a new technology known as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs.

NFTs are non-repeatable, original creations that are tracked and exchanged through blockchains. They can be anything - art, poetry, a song, or even a marriage certificate.

Why ICP Squad Is A Game Changer For NFT Collectors
ICP Squad NFT is an NFT project that pushes the envelope of what has been done before. Collectors of this NFT can earn passive income.

In the context of games like the ICP Squad, you can think of NFTs like one-of-a-kind baseball cards. As long as you hold one of these customized character "cards" in your Stoic Wallet, your activities on the Internet Computer have a chance of triggering an NFT airdrop. Thus, you can earn a small passive income simply by using decentralized applications on the Internet Computer.

Our pre-order process is open! Get an amazing level 3 ICP Squad NFT for only 1 ICP (save 4 ICP). Join here.

You can collect additional NFTs to accessorize your "card," which will increase airdropped NFT amounts for specific activities. We'll be distributing special NFTs through upcoming events, and offerings will vary by season, so stay tuned!

We call our model "Engage-to-Earn"

BREAKING: Dfinity Community To Launch The ICP Squad Engage-to-Earn NFT Game
ICP Squad will be the first NFT game where owners can earn passive income by using their wallet and Internet Identity to engage with Internet Computer apps as they usually would, using a new reward model called Engage-to-Earn.

It's a game approach to social media that's community-led, fair, accessible, and only available on the Internet Computer. So what are you waiting for? Get an Internet Identity and a Stoic Wallet and start earning today!


Internet Identity: The End of Usernames and Passwords
The Internet Identity blockchain authentication system enables you to sign in securely and anonymously to dapps on the Internet Computer.

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