Top 5 Must-See Videos About ICP Crypto for Newcomers

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
Top 5 Must-See Videos About ICP Crypto for Newcomers

What is the best way to introduce someone to the Internet Computer? Here are my picks for the top 5 must-see videos about ICP crypto for newcomers.

Since the Internet Computer's Genesis Launch, thousands of videos have been posted about ICP's revolutionary blockchain technology. For people who are eager to learn about the DFINITY Foundation's plans to fully realize the dream of a decentralized Web3, it can be difficult to know where to start. With so many resources from which to choose, what is the best way to introduce someone to the Internet Computer for the first time?

Here are my picks for the top 5 must-see videos about ICP crypto for newcomers.

5. DFINITY's "Internet Computer: Blockchain Singularity"

If you want to generate hype, you can't go wrong with one of DFINITY'S very first videos. Now considered somewhat of a classic in the Internet Computer community, this brief animation contextualizes ICP's aim to achieve blockchain singularity in view of the whole computer and information age revolution. You'll want to follow up with more substantive introductory materials, of course. However, the power of sparking enthusiasm for the Internet Computer's massively ambitious undertaking should not be underestimated. After all, people usually don't want to learn about something unless they first come to care about it.

4. Bitcoin Bros' Announcement of ICP's Bitcoin and Ethereum Integration

If you want to skip straight to exciting current developments on the Internet Computer like Bitcoin and Ethereum integration or the service network system debut, Bitcoin Bros is a great option. People who are primarily interested in investment, speculative trading, and ICP's impact on cryptocurrency as a whole may not want to get into the technical details of the Internet Computer right away.

3. Crypto Square's "What is INTERNET COMPUTER? ICP Crypto Explained! (Animated)"

For a well-rounded overview of ICP's technology, the credibility of its architects, and its long-term aims, it's hard to beat Crypto Square. The video appeals to a general audience without sacrificing too much substance. In fact, it may be the best overall introduction to newcomers, despite slightly dated material. Since Crypto Square dropped their video, the Internet Computer has demonstrated many of its promised capabilities, such as HTTPS outcalls, on-chain DApp hosting, and integration with other blockchains.

2. Crypto is Good's "What is Blockchain and why is ICP the best"

If you're interested in a balanced, conversational introduction to ICP and how it differs from other blockchains, Daniel at Crypto is Good certainly delivers. Newcomers who are auditory learners will appreciate Daniel's thorough explanations without the business of charts, diagrams, and flashy animations.

1. London App Brewery's "What is the Internet Computer (ICP)?"

But what if you're interested in developing on Web3 in general or the Internet Computer in particular? For newcomers who are technologically inclined and are already savvy about blockchains, London App Brewery is the best way to go. Immediately after the 10 minute introductory video on ICP, viewers have an option to purchase the Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp at an affordable price of $17.99 USD.

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