Overview of The Burgeoning Crowd-Created-Canvas (CCC) Marketplace

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Overview of The Burgeoning Crowd-Created-Canvas (CCC) Marketplace
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Crowd-Created-Canvas started out by offering us the opportunity to share in creating art while also sharing in the profits. In fact, only 5% of the proceeds from crowd canvases go back to CCC in order to fund the company. Most of it goes back either to those who take part in the art itself or to staking NFT holders.

Now, however, the CCC Marketplace has emerged as the number two marketplace on the Internet Computer, and it is rapidly expanding to challenge the space's only previous marketplace. It takes a lot to challenge a competitor who has been in the space half a year or more before you, but that’s what CCC is doing. Last week, three of the top 10 NFT projects on the Internet Computer by volume were on the CCC marketplace. And their own NFTs (Crazy Zombie) hold the 4th highest floor price on the blockchain for projects with 5000 or more pieces.

Avocado, DfinityGangs, and Crazy Zombie all made last week's top 10 list for trading volume.

What are some of the reasons people are flocking to the CCC Marketplace to buy NFTs?

· Exclusivity – Four of the five projects currently featured on the CCC Marketplace are exclusive to the site. Only ICTurtles is available on both CCC and Entrepot.

· Airdrops – Dfinity Gangs and ICity’s ICmoe were both airdropped between DSCVR users and CCC users. These are some of the largest airdrops of all time on the Internet Computer! CCC has also secured a strategic partnership with IC Park to airdrop 2222 Wild Lions in the near future.

Preview of the Wild Lions from IC Park on Twitter

· Sorting – When shopping on the secondary market, you can sort by price (high or low), minting number, and rarity score. But a unique feature that many rare hunters fund useful is the ability to sort by “recently listed” so you catch a new listing before anyone else.

· Transparent Rarity – Each NFT has a rarity score on the NFT from the time it is minted or airdropped. By clicking on the NFT, you get a list of each of the NFTs features and the number of points that each of those features contributes to the total rarity score.

You can instantly see how much each of your NFTs traits is contributing to the total rarity score.

· Trading History – The detailed trading history gives you the day and minute that each event took place. You can see transfers even if no crypto changed hands. You can also know when a sale was made or when a listing price was updated.

· Integrated ICP Wrapping – When you connect your Stoic or Plug wallet, you will be able to simply wrap your ICP to make purchases on the marketplace, and it’s just as easy to unwrap your ICP after making a sale. Remember that wrapping and unwrapping will incur a .0001 ICP transaction fee.

· Staking – The staking page makes it simple to stake your Crazy Zombie NFTs. Staking will get you a cut in the 60% of canvas fees that go to stakers. When the canvas is completed, your NFT will be unstaked, and you will automatically receive the ICP you earned.

The Future of NFTs on the Internet Computer

With how many NFT marketplaces exist on other blockchains, it’s only a matter of time before many more start to spring up on the Internet Computer. However, CCC Marketplace is now the second one to find great success, and that means all of the projects launching here and everyone using the service are still very early and sure to benefit from the great work being done by the CCC team! The Internet Computer is already one of the top 10 blockchains for trading NFTs, and the CCC Marketplace is helping to ensure sustained growth for the ecosystem.

The CCC Marketplace

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