Motoko Closes the Year Out Looking More Like MOONtoko

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Motoko Closes the Year Out Looking More Like MOONtoko
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Before anyone has something to say about the Motoko NFTs getting spotlighted in my weekly market updates, I just want to say: it's your fault! If you would just stop buying them, I'd stop talking about them, but something tells me that it will not happen anytime soon. Let's take a look at the Internet Computer NFT market for the last week of 2021.

Motoko Day Drop Dominates a Slow Market Week

The fact is that there is not much to report regarding the last week of 2021 in the marketplace. It seems like most collectors were spending time with their family for the holidays rather than shopping for new NFTs. There were a few exceptions, of course.

  • Poked bots – While there wasn’t a huge jump in floor price or massive volume in sales, Poked bots remained steady. The floor increased from 5 ICP to 5.79 ICP with a little over 1,100 ICP in volume.
  • Moonwalkers – The floor price rose from 4.44 ICP to 4.7 ICP on some news about project advancements to look forward to in 2022.
  • Faceted Meninas – A few recent sales brought the floor price of this limited collection from 6.2 ICP up to 6.8 ICP
  • ICPuzzle – A surprising 22% move in the floor price of ICPuzzles puts collectors back in the green with a floor price of .11 ICP (the common pieces originally sold for .1 ICP). The beta of the app was released over two months ago. The often quiet developers of the project are focusing on completing the dApp and producing a very creator/artist project in 2022. The new cover image for ICPuzzle on the marketplace really shows off what the completed app will be able to do. It looks like the DFINTIY grant the project received is being well spent.

Okay, now it’s time to talk about Motoko Day Drop. What can I say that hasn’t been said already about this project which was a free drop for the community on the second anniversary of the release of the Motoko programming language? Here’s what happened this week.

Entrepot Marketplace
  • The floor price jumped 53% from 6.5 ICP to 9.99 ICP.
  • “The flippening” is drawing closer – When I wrote about the possibility of the floor price of Motoko flipping ICPunks last week, it didn’t seem like something that would happen in the near future. Only 16 floor price Motokos stand in the way at the time of this writing.
  • One of the top three sales of all time – Motoko #4907 sold for 100 ICP this week. At first glance, this may have seemed like a mistake. After all, the NRI is only 1.5%, and the DTI places it around the middle of the pack for the collection. But the screenshot below shows that there are only seven Mokoto NFTs with the original body style, eyes, and aura. And, as you can also see in the screenshot, none of them are for sale now that #4907 was snatched up.

What does 2022 hold for the Motoko Day Drop collection? While no one knows for sure, it seems like the sky is the limit for these beautiful works of art designed by Jon Ball of Pokedstudio.

New to the Marketplace this Week

Four projects entered the secondary marketplace this week:

Equanimity, #49 - From @ICP_Art on Twitter
  • Equanimity – This is the second collection from ICP art which sold out in under 48 hours. The owners of this collection of 49 oil paintings, along with the 99 owners of the pastel paintings in the Tranquility collection, make up the governors of the art DAO. The floor prices are currently 14.44 ICP for the Equanimity collection- though, given the quality of the art and the limitation of 49 pieces in the collection with a presale price of 15 ICP, that is remarkably cheap. The Tranquility collection floor price is now ranging at around 10 ICP- another potential bargain given the floor and average price of the collection.
  • ICats – A much anticipated free airdrop from Gigaverse for ICPunk holders, ICats had over 200 ICP in sales volume in just a few days. If you missed out on ICPunks and got priced out on secondary, this may be a nice entry point for a Gigaverse collection with the floor currently at 2.44 ICP.
  • Elementum: Interitus – This is the second collection from the creators of the Faceted Meninas collection. They will function as cards for an upcoming trading card game.
  • Meme Cake – The Dick NFTs may have been slow to sell, but they have seen over 800 ICP in volume on the secondary marketplace in their first few days of trading.

New Drops for the New Year

2022 is getting started with a bang. First, on January 3rd, BTC Flower drops. BTC Flower holders will receive airdrops of the ETH Flower and ICP Flower collections that are due out later this year. If you haven’t made the whitelist, you will need to set aside 5 ICP per flower, but the stunning art from the famous French artist Ludo may be worth the investment.

Dfinity Space Apes logo

Then, on January 5th, the Dfinity Space Apes collection launches into the stratosphere. There is just too much to say about this project to include in this article, so I’ll be writing a separate post just on DSA. The short version is that the collection is actually two in one – 10k apes plus the upcoming planets airdrop. Both will get you access to special parts of the Dfinity Space Apes website, and both will be needed to play Apesteroid Mining – an upcoming play-to-earn video game that already has a working demo.

If these first two drops are any indicator, 2022 is going to be a phenomenal year for NFT fans on the Internet Computer.

  • Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the original author and other contributors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of the Dfinity Community staff and/or any/all contributors to this site.

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