Memes, Flowers, Staking, and Merch All Meet in the IC NFT Marketplace

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
Memes, Flowers, Staking, and Merch All Meet in the IC NFT Marketplace

I’m really impressed with the diversity of projects going on in the Internet Computer NFT market. Rather than being carbon copies of one another, check out the incredibly different projects that made this week’s top list for IC NFTs.

BREAKING NEWS: Meme Power Is Alive and Well on the IC

Kip Ugly is a 10k collection of pixel NFTs produced by a beloved community member and distributed via a free mint on Meme Cake. Thanks to the reverse gas model used on the Internet Computer that means people were able to mint these “so ugly they come out the other side and are kinda cute” NFTs for a mere 0.0001 ICP transaction fee.

Well, after a couple of days of trading, the floor price spiked to 0.35 ICP. That’s a 3500x return on the 0.0001 ICP transaction fee investment. It’s arguably the most successful meme project in the brief history of the Internet Computer.

I told you they're so ugly, they're cute! 

Ludo’s ICP Flowers Are Bringing Attention to DFINITY’s Roadmap

The IC’s most famous artist is taking some cues from past DFINITY Foundation updates for his ICP Flower collection, scheduled to drop in October. We’ve already seen previews of Sodium and Futurium flowers, although Ludo admits not all roadmap materials will make the cut. Art is still the most important thing, so Ludo will be skipping materials that don’t meet his standard while adding in gold, a popular material in both his BTC and ETH Flower collections.

Ludo recently teased this FUTURIUM flower on Twitter.

The airdrop of ICP Flowers to holders of both previous flower collections may continue to drive sales as the snapshot date approaches.

· BTC Flower – The BTC Flower collection has seen strong volume three weeks in a row, with nearly 7k ICP worth of flowers selling during the past week. The floor price has also been up three weeks in a row. In all, the floor has jumped almost 11% from 276 ICP to 306 ICP.

· ETH Flower – Volume for ETH Flowers has also been strong over the past three weeks, and the floor has grown even faster. Over the course of three weeks, the floor of ETH Flowers has risen more than 21%, from 80 ICP to 97 ICP.

ICPCS Holders Benefit from New Staking Platform

The number of listings for the ICPCS collection has been reducing week over week while the floor price is rising. Over the past three weeks, the floor price of the collection has been up nearly 50%, from 2.2 ICP to 3.29 ICP. The staking platform has also resulted in nearly 300 listings disappearing from the secondary market. While the team still intends to release their own token, while we wait for that to happen, rewards will be distributed in ICP on the 9th of each month.

Pokedstudio Has Reason to Celebrate

I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m a huge fan of Jon Ball’s artwork. The artist from pokedstudio is responsible for everything from the DFINITY Foundation’s iconic logo to the original Motoko NFT collection. And, of course, the Poked bots and Pet bots collections are beloved by the IC community.

pokedstudio shared a sneak peek of some original artworks via Twitter last week.

Congratulations are certainly in order for pokedstudio as the Pet bots collection surpassed 10k ICP in volume this past week. We also received some great news that Jon intends to release some new 1/1 art for the community, and merchandise rights will be included!

The Look Ahead

By the time this article is released, hopefully, everyone will have listened in to the dSquad Twitter space to learn where the project will be going in the future. I have a pretty good feeling this will be one of the collections I’ll be discussing in next week’s article.

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