Jay Damani- Graphic Artist

Jay Damani
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Hey, my name is Jay Damani, from Gujarat, India, pursuing my Doctor of Pharmacy degree in Manipal, India. I am 23 years old and a couple of years old in the crypto-verse (very much addicted to it). I work as a Graphic Designer with the Dfinity Community. I thank my friend Vignesh Shetty, a writer for the community, for introducing me to the Internet Computer and the Dfinity community.

Blockchain Technology is truly revolutionary, and I am very sure it can bring significant changes in the medical sector and our daily life.  I believe in the Internet computer and the truly decentralized projects they have, which can genuinely change the internet we use today.

I am looking forward to growing with this wonderful community and seeing the changes it can bring to the world. I wish all the best to the developers and the fantastic community members. Thank you and do visit our site to read some fantastic articles about the Internet Computer to get more enlightenment.


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