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Berto Parga Pena
Berto Parga Pena
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

My name is Berto Parga, and I am from A Coruña, Spain. I'm 34 years old, and now I live in Badajoz, where I work in a high school as a teacher of automation and industrial robotics.

Although I am currently working in the education sector, I have also worked in the industrial environment: oil refineries,  thermosolar power plants, and wind farms. After graduating in electrical engineering, I completed my studies with a master's degree in solar energy systems technology and a master's degree in teacher training.

The DFINITY project has caught my attention since its launch. Whenever a new project comes out, I like to investigate what its objectives are. There are several projects that I have followed closely, but I have not seen the potential of Internet Computer in any of them.

Dfinity Community gave me the opportunity to be part of this project. After seeing this tweet, I decided to participate, and the result became my first article, which you can see here.

Why I bought ICP- What is it that I love about this project?

I must admit that I don't like financial markets. A close friend always tells me: "don't try to understand the market; try to understand the product." That is why I am here. Internet Computer is a revolutionary product in the world of technology, a product that is here to stay. Good products are reflected in excellent long-term performance in the financial market.

Investment has risks, but for me, it is a statistical issue. I don't invest in meme coins in the same way that I don't play the lottery. I like to invest in the knowledge that we will get a product or service that will provide value.

Another friend of mine says: "There are so few simple things left to do that a single person does not make today's breakthroughs." Consider the DFINITY team. More than 200 brilliant scientists, researchers, and engineers are working together to create a brave new decentralized world of tomorrow. I'm glad to be part of that.

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