ICPSQUAD Weekly: The Set Up

Hyuna Kim
ICPSQUAD Weekly: The Set Up
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

A lot has happened over the past week in the world of ICP! Let's get you caught up to speed. From CrowdfundNFT's collaboration with MetaVersana, DFX and Azle releases and more, it looks like our entire ecosystem is setting up to make some major future developments!

šŸŒ¼ Friendship Chain: CrowdfundNFT, a web3 crowdfunding platform that won the Supernova Hackathon's "Public Good" category, has announced a fundraising round for MetaVersana. This is the first time that CrowdfundNFT has made funding available for a non-ICP project. MetaVersana, which is based in the Solana ecosystem, is a P2E platform where people can open businesses and play to earn tokens in a virtual world co-created by other users. Funds will be raised in ICP, bringing more exposure to the Internet Computer.

šŸ”Ž Price DSCVRy: DSCVR, one of the biggest social media dapps on the Internet Computer, has been making some serious moves. The web3 Reddit-style forum has recently upgraded their UI, delivering a smooth and visually pleasing user experience. They've also incorporated Nuclear Radio NFTs, an audio "mixtape visualizer" collection, allowing users to play their NFTs in posts. Last but certainly not least, DSCVR announced that they've successfully raised $9m in seed round funding led by Polychain Capital. Polychain is a crypto-focused investment firm with a $6 billion portfolio that includes Coinbase and DeFi heavy hitters like dYdX. Read more about Polychain's investment in DSCVR in this TechCrunch article!

šŸ’» Speaking My Language: Great news for devs (and the rest of us eager for more development on the Internet Computer)! DFX saw a new release; the 0.11.0 version gives developers tools necessary to work with the upcoming native Bitcoin integration and more.

Azle, by Demergent Labs, is a TypeScript CDK that allows programmers familiar with Typescript to create on the Internet Computer without having to learn a brand new language. Their recent release of Azle 0.5.0 will help to onboard more builders, shoring up the ecosystem. Read about it below:

Additionally, community member @1999Flapjack is putting together a study group on OpenChat for beginner devs just getting started in Motoko and/or React. Read more about it here! Frens who code together make it together.

šŸ—£ļø For the People: Democracy is nothing without action. The dev behind @ICStats has created a new bot to make it a breeze to keep up with governance proposals on the NNS. The @icgovernance bot's tweets are updated promptly and includes easy navigation links to eliminate the barrier of multiple mouse clicks. This is one account you should definitely be following.

šŸŒ¹ What's In A Name?: Both ICNS and ICNaming, domain name service providers on the IC, have rolled out new updates.

ICNS's latest update includes persisting domains, which means your ".icp" domains will remain consistent instead of redirecting to the set URL. This means no more mysterious canister URLs (jokingly referred to as "crow URLs" by some due to their resemblance to crow noises)!

IC Naming announced the launch of their Ā new dapp, which includes a marketplace where you can buy and sell domain names. Additionally, all new domains registered through their service will end with ".ic" instead of ".icp".

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