ICPSquad Weekly: ICPunks is Stealing The Show Today With Its NFT Launch

ICPSquad Weekly: ICPunks is Stealing The Show Today With Its NFT Launch
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The ecosystem is growing so rapidly that it is challenging to keep track of it properly.

Here are some of the things that happened in the ecosystem recently:

DFINITY General Updates

Decentralized Social Network


DSCVR is a decentralized news feed aggregator / Forum. I'm pretty sure many of the community members have heard about DSCVR and use DSCVR. There are many basic features on DSCVR, and it isn't assigned to the service nervous system yet. The team is cooking some delicious updates, and I personally can't wait to ditch Reddit and start using this exciting new platform.

Being an open internet service, it will be governed by the community and Not just by powerful mods and centralized authorities like we see in Reddit. It is a big issue since reddit is a news feed aggregator and censorship or bias is just the opposite of what it is meant to do.

DSCVR had also conducted a Hackathon and rewarded the winners. It has released an official announcement on the Hackathon season 2. DSCVR post link for Hackathon Details - The prize pool and rules have been posted by the DSCVR team

DSCVR post link for Hackathon Details

Fantastic discussions happen in DSCVR - primarily related to IC and crypto right now. Users need 500 orbs to create portals (like - subreddits), which can be earned by posting, commenting, and getting likes. Remember, this is still a public beta version, so not many features are released yet.

DeFeed is a bot that posts distrikt user feeds on DeFeed portal. The DeFeed must just follow you on distrikt and it will post your distrikt feed updates on DSCVR.

DSCVR also conducted an airdrop with Toniq Labs and airdropped Starverse NFT Stars to 5000 DSCVR users. This was the first airdrop by DSCVR and the top 5000 users who engaged on the platform were rewarded for their contribution.

Users can now set NFTs as their profile pic/Avatars. Just enter the NFT address and save it. Check out my profile here


Distrikt is a decentralized professional social media rivaling LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a centralized social media, and honestly, it doesn’t feel good to know that there was a data breach recently exposing millions of users.

Distrikt UI Snapshot

The Distrikt team launched MVP a few weeks ago and answered some of the questions put forward by the community. Distrikt recently rolled out the verification feature for public figures and companies after the platform witnessed multiple spam accounts and fake accounts.

Here are the brief points of discussion from the second community update released by the Distrikt team

  • Distrikt is maintained and supported by the Open Internet Foundation - a swiss non-profit organization that had received donations worth 6 Million Swiss Francs and 40,000 ICP.
  • The ICP donation received is locked for eight years by the Open internet Foundation and will be used to sustain Distrikt.
  • Moderation, Moderators, and How they reach consensus.
  • DKT token - the governance token will have no private sale; Distribution through only public fundraising.
  • Social points earned on the platform can be exchanged with governance tokens.
  • Mobile App is coming soon.


OpenChat is an end-to-end messaging app running entirely on-chain. OpenChat has increased the limit of users from 20,000 to 50,000. OpenChat has said that they are bringing one canister per person and group chat. Just imagine taking a canister and integrating it with your favorite DeFi or Decentralized social on Internet Computer.

They have also released the front-end sneak peek on their official Twitter. You guys can hit me up on OpenChat. My handle - CatPirate



Portal is the newest member of the ecosystem that I came across recently. Portal is a Live streaming app with WebRTC and a Grantee of $25,000 from DFINITY's grant program.

Portal UI SnapShot. Jesse is the creator of Portal.

It aims to be a streaming platform blended with DeFi running on the Internet Computer. The alpha was tested with users from Discord. Join the discord to see what’s cooking.

The NFT Season

The NFT craze on the Internet Computer is starting to rise slowly. Everything about the NFT runs on-chain - even hosting.

ToniqLabs are currently trending right now in the Internet Computer ecosystem. They have introduced the first NFT marketplace and NFT collection. Now the marketplace - Entrepot.app is listing NFT from many artists.

ToniqLabs Review: Building the Future with the Internet Computer
ToniqLabs is a Web3 web development studio that builds professional tools and services on the Internet Computer

Some of the released NFTs - in chronological order

  • Starverse

Starverse NFT Stars have been airdropped to community members on DSCVR and Entrepot for engaging with the platform. 5500 Stars have been minted and 5000 from those have been airdropped to the DSCVR users who have been active on the platform.

400 Stars were airdropped to Entrepot users and 100 Stars are with the team, which will be used for promotions and giveaways.

This is the first airdrop on DSCVR and the Stars look amazing.

All of the above-discussed NFTs are available on the Entrepot.app NFT marketplace by Toniq labs.

Yet to be released

  • ICPunks - September 1st 20:00 UTC
Interview with ICPunks∞: Unique Collectible Clowns on The Internet Computer
ICPunks collection of clown NFTs has been created to reference a meme comparing the Internet Computer token (ICP) with the Insane Clown Posse.

ICPunks  is an NFT project that had received a grant from DFINITY. ICPunks will be released on their site for the public to claim ( in a few hours) on September 1st. The team has stated that they are going to create an NFT Marketplace as well.

The first 6000 members who joined the discord are considered Early clowns and are asked to whitelist to claim the NFT just a few hours before the launch for the public to claim using Internet Identity or Plug Wallet by Fleek. Stoic Wallet also supports HODLing of ICPunks

The project has received support around the world and the discord has around 15000 members.

  • ROTM tournament is coming soon.
  • GetBunchd - invited creators to test the app by asking them to mint NFTs.
  • ICPSquad has conducted two NFT giveaways on Twitter.

Other Dapps


Aikin has released the Alpha version. It aims to be the decentralized open publishing platform on Internet Computer. The team has published the roadmap on the platform itself.

Nuance Alpha was released.
Each article will be an NFT and Nuance will provide mechanisms to allow readers, sponsors and investors to financially support authors and share in the upside of that support.

Click on the link to read the Aikin Story on Nuance.  

IC Drive

IC Drive is a decentralized private storage app built on the Internet Computer. Store and securely share every type of file. This will of course be censorship-resistant too.

IC Drive has opened access to the community, enabling users to store their files.


Cycle_dao becomes the first DAO on the Internet Computer. Norton wang -Creator of ic.rocks has created Axon.ooo - a multi-user, multi-neuron management canister. You can follow Cycle DAO using your neurons through axon.ooo. Cycle DAO has stated that it is going to vote Yes on the proposal that increases canister capacity from 4GB to 300GB.

Axon.ooo interface


Fleek is moving silently, still impacting the ecosystem through XTC  - wrapped cycles claimed through the cycles faucet.

I deployed a static site from a GitHub repo on Internet Computer using Fleek. It just took me 10 minutes.


Plug wallet now supports XTC tokens, NFTs and allows users to import wallet PEM files to use in DFX.

The Update is now live in the Chrome store

Earth wallet

Earth wallet was showcased by DFINITY recently. It has also announced a bug bounty campaign worth $5000.

DeFi Short Recap

Here's a short recap:

  • ICPSwap has conducted an airdrop successfully a few weeks ago and also had released their demo version.
  • Dfistarter conducted and finished airdrop last week and released more info on their tokenomics on Medium.
  • DFinance is conducting an airdrop right now at the time of writing and invited users to stress test the demo.

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