ICPSquad Weekly: Halloween Themed NFTs are here for Spooky Season

ICPSquad Weekly: Halloween Themed NFTs are here for Spooky Season

The Internet Computer ecosystem is exploding. We see a variety of dapps and NFT projects popping up on the Internet Computer.

Each project is unique in its own way and adds tremendous value to the ecosystem. The organic developer activity on the Internet Computer is snowballing.

DFINITY General Updates

  • Internet Computer reaches 25 blocks per second.
  • There are now 333 node machines.
  • DFINITY Foundation announced ICONIC NFT Art Exhibit.


Dominic Williams spoke about the Internet Computer during Shangai Blockchain Week. You can watch the recap here.

Dominic Willams also wrote a Medium post on how the total decentralization of dapps will lead to a win for builders and users. He further tweeted that users will be able to add nodes via the Network Nervous System front-end dapp.

Why Totally Decentralizing Dapps Wins, and How to Do It
Leveraging the full power and economic might of the decentralized ecosystem through the Internet Computer.

Dapp Updates: Fleek goes Psychedelic

  • Fleek becomes psychedelic.
Psychedelic today is our studio's new brand, under which all our projects live (Plug, Dank, DAB, Fleek.).
Psychedelic: A Product Studio DAO on the Internet Computer
Meet Psychedelic, a (soon to be) DAO consisting of web3 developers, entrepreneurs, & projects building on the Internet Computer (and…
  • Psychedelic also announced their product - Certified Asset Provenance on a Medium post.
Announcing CAP: Asset History on the Internet Computer 📜
Today we’re announcing CAP (short for Certified Asset Provenance), that brings history and asset provenance to the IC. Plus BONUS news!
  • AstroX released an update on the progress and development of their product. Watch their community call here.

NFTs on the Internet Computer

  • Crown NFT are 10,000 Uniquely generated 3D NFTs on the Internet Computer powered by CAP transaction history for full provenance. Crowns are the First collection launched by psychedelic.
credit: Psychedelic

Infinite Chimps will be auctioned at Entrepot on November 1st.

  • Moonwalker NFT launches on Entrepot. These 10,000 Unique 3D Moonwalkers will have tons of utility (think of it as a special key to Internet Computer Decentraland).
  • ICPuzzles launched their Beta dapp where users can create customized Puzzles.

ICPBunny released a Medium article on How to check the stats of Bunnies.

  • Hazel from Departure Labs tweeted about the progress made by the team:
credit: ICmoji
  • CCC announces Zombie NFTs.
CCC: Metacosmic Zombies under Epidemic Situation
During the COVID-19 pandemic, C3 Protocol created a zombie with special abilities. They have immortality but also lost their self-awareness…

Haunted Hamsters is one of the new NFT projects on Internet Computer.


ICSnakes are launching on the 22nd of November.

Credit; IC Snakes

ICKitties are here!

Credit: ICKitties

Vampires are hosting a Halloween party on their Discord.

Credit @IVCNFT

Halloween is about to get a whole lot spookier!

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