ICPSQUAD Weekly: Dapp Dancing

Hyuna Kim
ICPSQUAD Weekly: Dapp Dancing
Table of Contents
Table of Contents


The hottest topic of discussion is the lawsuit DFINITY has filed against agents who perpetuated a negative narrative about ICP since its token launch:

The New York Times, Times reporters Andrew Ross Sorkin and Ephrat Livni, Arkham Intelligence, Inc, Arkham's founder and Chief Executive Officer Miguel Morel, and other current or former Arkham officers, agents and employees, for defamation and unfair business and trade practices. It is expected that additional defendants will also be added to the lawsuit as the situation evolves.

Read more about the lawsuit here, and the actual filing here.

Demo Day on Display

Supernova, the first global Internet Computer Hackathon is coming to an end with one final, spectacular bang. Finalists were selected out of hundreds, and they will be presenting their projects to esteemed third party judges. Demo Day is scheduled to begin at 8 AM PDT on June 30th. You can register here to watch it live.

To Infinity and Beyond

InfinitySwap has been announcing a series of exciting partnerships lately with major projects like CCC, Ceto, and Plethora. Although the DEX isn’t expected to go live for several more weeks, InfinitySwap’s wallet is poised for wide adoption across the ecosystem. Recent news about a major NFT collaboration with DKLORD89 (of OG Medals, a.k.a. “The Drop King”) & EgidoVal has certainly brought a lot of excitement and speculation. You can download the wallet here and test out the DEX preview on the official InfinitySwap website.


Created by Moritz, glue allows NFT projects to add holder verification to their discord communities. It is specifically designed for Internet Computer NFTs using EXT or DIP721 standards to add holder verification to their discord server. Already implemented by high profile projects like BTC Flower, Plethora, etc.

Back to Math Class

Bad news for people who hate number crunching… but good news for people who want to explore yield options with NFTs! Many of the marketplaces on the IC have recently implemented collateralized lending and/or fractional ownership options. Most notably, Toniq Labs (of Entrepôt) debuted Interesting NFT Protocol, a decentralized interest rate protocol that allows you to utilize any NFTs using the EXT token standard for immediate liquidity. Read more about Interesting here and be sure to read Bob Bodily’s brief guide on how to navigate Toniq Earn.

Super Duper Dapps

Our ecosystem has been steadily growing over the months and Supernova seems to have exponentially increased the number of available dapps. Read Homer Shillson’s guide where he explores his 20 favorite dapps on the Internet Computer. Included in the list are well known projects like Dmail and DSCVR, but also new, smaller projects you may be unfamiliar with (like Spinner Cash and ContentFly) that you're sure to find interesting.

NFTs On-the-Go

The Yumi NFT marketplace continues its glow up. Just a few weeks after making changes to the UI/UX, Yumi has added a mobile optimized experience for its users. You can now buy NFTs from Yumi on your phone.

No Biometrics, No YubiKey, No Problem!

One of the biggest hurdles to onboarding new users into the Internet Computer ecosystem is getting people to understand and sign up for their own Internet Identity. In fact, the "Biometrics is Required" FUD is still one of the most pervasive misinformation used against ICP adoption.

A viable solution has been developed by Identity Labs: NFID (Non-Fungible ID) registration and log in through Google is now available. DSCVR, one of the most widely used social media sites on the IC, has already integrated NFIDs, making logging in with a connected Google account a reality.

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