ICPSQUAD Weekly: Markets May Be Down But Our Ecosystem Growth Is Up

Hyuna Kim
ICPSQUAD Weekly: Markets May Be Down But Our Ecosystem Growth Is Up
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Native Bitcoin Integration is Sooner Than You Think

Bitcoin integration is something the entire community has been waiting for with bated breath. The DFINITY Foundation recently published a progress update, and the future is looking bright. They have already successfully accomplished integration using testnets and will soon deploy a new Internet Computer subnet on which the Bitcoin testnet will be synced. Then, once the system proves robust, DFINITY will enable the Bitcoin API and make it publicly available to developers.

Billion Dollar Baby: ORIGYN Collaborates with WatchBox and Impossible Things

One of the best-known entities in the ICP ecosystem, the ORIGYN Foundation, has announced a partnership with WatchBox, a billion-dollar company in the pre-owned luxury watch market. The two will be working closely to create authentication NFTs. These utility NFTs will be used to digitally tag and trace luxury watches, an anti-counterfeit solution that is sorely needed in an industry that loses roughly $2 billion annually because of replicas like ‘superfakes’ (nearly 1:1 reproductions that are often switched out with genuine watches, then sold to unsuspecting victims).

ORIGYN, which specializes in blockchain solutions for the authentication of luxury goods, has caused even more stir in recent days by confirming their involvement with Impossible Things. This NFT marketplace will feature digital products from established figures and companies, emphasizing quality and high-end partnerships. Impossible Things’ first sale is a fundraising auction for the UEFA Foundation for Children: three exclusive digital jerseys, made with input from UEFA ambassadors and football (soccer) superstars Ivan Rakitic and Eugénie Le Sommer, are up for grabs.


Psychedelic’s Sweet Move into the NFT Marketplace Arena.

Psychedelic, already a significant presence in the ICP ecosystem (their projects include Plug wallet, Sonic, ICNS, and many more), has recently announced Jelly, a community-run marketplace, and protocol.

Jelly sets itself apart from the pack by allowing people to create their own curated marketplaces, with a commission-sharing model that enables the curator to collect on commission fees. It will also be compatible with other marketplaces, allowing integration of outside collections to the Jelly NFT marketplace infrastructure protocol. Furthermore, it aims to be a multi-chain NFT hub by supporting bridged assets and natively interacting with NFTs on other chains like Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon. Read more about Jelly’s roadmap on their introductory Medium post here.

Democracy in Action: NNS Governance

The NNS, which is arguably the largest functioning DAO in all of web3, has sparked a lot of discussions lately. The community has been figuring out the best ways to handle spam proposals, leading to discussions on topics like simplifying proposal displays and tokenomics transparency.

Additionally, respected community members lightning_lad91 and weedpatchtwo have begun a governance project named The Fool’s Court to preempt the influence of corporate, celebrity, or otherwise too powerful singular voices from outweighing smaller community members’ opinions.

Back to Basics: The Internet Computer Review

DFINITY Foundation’s The Internet Computer Review has kicked off an “Internet Computer Basics” series with a deep dive article on Principals and Identities. This is an informative read not just for devs looking to build on the Internet Computer but also for ICP holders who want to better understand the technology they’re investing in.

An Endorphin Boost via ICP's Incredible Metrics

If the market's got you down recently, look at the celebration-worthy statistical milestones the Internet Computer has been hitting lately! Numbers don't lie; builders and users are steadily growing throughout the ecosystem.

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