ICP Squad Weekly: There Are Now More Than 10,000 Canister Smart Contracts On The Internet Computer

ICP Squad Weekly: There Are Now More Than 10,000 Canister Smart Contracts On The Internet Computer
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Lately, I have been free-falling into the Internet Computer Metaverse. Last month, a few major proposals were approved by the Network Nervous System. The ecosystem dapps are getting ready for significant upgrades and have been releasing updates on the progress.

A 3D Moonwalker NFT by IC Gallery

DFINITY General Updates


Many robust discussions are happening on developer forums right now. No new episodes of Inside DFINITY were released this week.


Canister Smart Contract has now moved to smartcontracts.org.

DFINITY released big Map PoC demo source code.

Big Map (for scaling canisters across subnets)
Please see Releasing the source of the BigMap PoC demo. The code is now released.

ICP Squad

ICP Squad has released an article on the Pre-Order process. Since there will not be a cap on the ICP Squad NFT avatar, early adopters are rewarded by whitelisting priorities and airdrops.

The more players in the game:

  • The more market stability and liquidity the game’s NFTs will have.
  • The easier it’ll be to attract involvement from all major Internet Computer apps.
  • The more funds we’ll have to build out the game properly.
  • The more exposure and engagement we’ll drive on the Internet Computer.

Read the article below for more details on the Pre-Order Process.

Current Discord Members: 19.5 K | Genesis Members: 13 K | Discord Link

The ICP Squad NFT Pre-Order Process
Since our initial announcement of the project, we’ve refined the pre-order/whitelist process in response to community feedback.

Some of the Dapps Announced Major Updates

DSCVR hackathon voting was done with Quadratic Voting Polls based on the Orbit model to choose the Hackathon Winners. Many Users had participated in the vote, and check out the Hackathon Portal to see the results.

Credit: Orbit Model | GitHub

Winners of the Hackathon Season 2:

  • First place was won by ICmojis Origins game by Vision GFX.
  • Texas Holdem claimed second place.

Distrikt announced the tokenomics details in the light paper released on distrikt.io. The light paper also outlines the governance model of distrikt.

1 billion DKT tokens will be minted at token genesis
  • OpenChat enabled push notification feature. The team announced the upcoming features on Twitter. Try out OpenChat -  Oc.app

LEARND released the roadmap and more details on their website - https://learnd.dedn.eu

Credit: LEARND

Metaverse: Everything about Internet Computer NFTs runs on-chain

Here are some Metaverse projects and ART to soothe your eyes. Many new NFT projects are coming soon on the Internet Computer.

Some of the new projects are:

The ICPBunny sale ended. The team released more details about the project on their medium posts. Read more about Bunny Swap here. The team also teased the community with a 3D model of a Bunny, which is supposed to be the 2nd generation ICP Bunny | Twitter.

CCC released a beta version of their dapp and conducted an airdrop.

Internet Astronauts will be airdropped to the community instead of the sale. The team has been in talks with many Internet Computer projects and is collaborating with them to bring out the 3rd Generation NFT avatar experience to Internet Computer Users. The launch has been delayed until October 10th. | Discord.

IC Gallery released many sneak peeks of Moonwalker NFT. This 3D NFT will be interactive in nature and will allow users to participate in the governance of the IC Gallery. | Discord.

3D moonwalker by IC Gallery

Poked Studio opened their Discord to the Public. The team released sneak peeks of the Poked Studio Bots.

Pokedstudio BOT NFT are 10,000 unique designs, expected to launch on November

ICPunks are have announced the minting date for Infinity Frogs. The infinity frogs can be minted on October 8th for 0.08 Ethereum. These frogs can be later jumped from ETH to the Internet Computer to test and complete the cross-chain marketplace. The team had also released a website - | Discord.

DFINTY foundation has awarded ICPunks with a follow-up grant of 100,000 USD. The team is building the first bridge for NFTs, and more details can be found on their website https://infinityfrogs.com.

NFT Studio is doing wonders with its minting engine. The team shares sneak peeks of 3D NFTs on their Twitter and Discord.

Have I missed anything? Reach me on Twitter or leave us some comments below.

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