ICP Squad Weekly: The Internet Computer is the Omni-chain

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
ICP Squad Weekly: The Internet Computer is the Omni-chain

We've already witnessed history made with the launch of ICP's revolutionary Bitcoin integration. What else is in store?

It's been an extremely eventful month for the Internet Computer thus far, and we're only ten days into December!

We've already witnessed history made with the launch of ICP's revolutionary Bitcoin integration and the debut of the Service Nervous System (SNS) to empower democratic governance for dApps. Most news over the past few days has centered around these two majorly positive developments.

However, there's another, more ambiguous development that has slipped most people's notice: Psychedelic DAO has decided to move away from the Internet Computer ecosystem to develop omni-chain products.

Psychedelic DAO Takes a Trip

The exact reasoning behind Psychedelic's change in direction is unclear at present. The DAO's Twitter account and other communication means have been mostly silent since early November, when mobile authentication for the Plug Wallet dApp was announced.

Everything we know about Psychedelic's new pursuit of omni-chain products comes from discussions on developer forums and insider leaks. We also know that Psychedelic DAO has been voicing objections to the ICP blockchain's direction since at least July. Moreover, Psychedelic operates the Terabethia bridge between ICP and Ethereum, but the DFINITY Foundation's recent work has rendered bridges between blockchains obsolete.

Psychedelic DAO departure discussion
I have not fully understood the implications of Psychedelic / Fleek changing tracks radically. They say Plug wallet will continue to function and that they will not completely depart the IC, and sound confident of finding buyers for their portfolio of IC related services, all of which is good. But w…

People who find Psychedelic DAO's ecosystem departure problematic have cited the Internet Computer's native Bitcoin integration, HTTPS Outcalls, and bridgeless approach to facilitating transactions between blockchains. After all, the Internet Computer is already the ultimate omni-chain product - why would ICP need off-chain supplements?

To make a successful pivot to developing omni-chain products, Psychedelic must justify the need for them in the first place. Additionally, the Internet Computer community deserves to know whether support will continue for dApps and services like Plug Wallet and Fleek. Moreover, will users of Psychedelic DAO's products be exposed to the hacking risks associated with blockchain bridges?

At this point, we don't know.

In the meantime, Internet Computer users have the option to migrate to other wallets, such as the NNS dApp, Earth Wallet, DFinance, or InfinitySwap's Infinity Wallet.

Service Nervous System Updates

If you want to know more about how the SNS debut is unfolding, don't miss the talk, "All Things SNS with DFINITY." The DFINITY Foundation has made a recording of the whole talk available on Twitter.

Also, if you're curious about the differences between NNS and SNS neurons, there's a handy cheat sheet available. We at the Dfinity Community will bring you more details and resources soon.

What the DOGE?

Bitcoin isn't the only ICP blockchain integration in town anymore. The DFINITY Foundation has confirmed that DOGE and SHIB will be tradable, natively, on the ICP blockchain very soon.

Many of the lessons learned and architecture developed for ICP's Bitcoin integration can be immediately applied to other blockchains with minor tweaks. I don't have a crystal ball, but based on prior programming experience and the momentum I'm seeing, it wouldn't surprise me to see all major blockchains integrated with the Internet Computer by the end of 2023.

Truly, the omni-chain has arrived! And its name is the Internet Computer!

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