Nintendo Sends a Notice to a Node Provider for Copyright Infringement

Nintendo Sends a Notice to a Node Provider for Copyright Infringement
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Last week, Internet Computer Protocol faced a dilemma when one of the node providers received a notice for copyright infringement.

DFINITY Foundation was contacted on December 6, 2021 by a node provider who received a notice of infringement of copyrighted materials from Nintendo Co., Ltd. asking to remove the Super Mario 64 emulator that was deployed to a canister smart contract....

The developers proposed a new method to avoid censorship on the protocol level by delegating the content moderation to boundary nodes for censoring/blacklisting canisters and preventing malicious content from being hosted on the Internet Computer.

Nintendo sent a notice to one of the node providers hosting the subnet that was running a canister for the Super Mario 64 game on-chain, created by an anonymous developer.

Upcoming proposal and discussion on content moderation
Hello community, The Internet Computer is the most powerful general-purpose blockchain for building infinitely scalable Web3 dapps, that is, the only blockchain with the speed and capability of hosting content 100% on-chain. As a result, the Internet Computer blockchain is the first blockchain that…

Internet Computer has reached over 400 Million Blocks with a Block speed of over 30 Blocks Per second, and there are now over 15,500 Canister Smart Contracts.

Motoko is now recognized as a programming language by GitHub.

New episodes of Inside the Internet Computer have been released by DFINITY

ICP Squad's NFT minting engine is ready to be released. Follow the guide on our website to mint your customized avatar on-chain.

Dapps of the Internet Computer

Psychedelic DAO releases SLY: A seamless CLI for the Internet Computer.

SLY: A Seamless CLI for the Internet Computer 🐈‍
Meet V1 of SLY! An open source, collaborative, and friendly CLI for developing on the Internet Computer, made to provide abstractions and…

Modclub testnet is online

credit: A Modclub tester

DSCVR is testing NFT gated portals and had created a Motoko Club for Motoko NFT holders. The users must hold a Motoko NFT in their DSCVR account to Join the portal.

The team announced that it's also working on plug wallet and stoic wallet integration. If the holders remove/transfer the NFT from their account, their roles will be automatically removed, thus limiting their access to the portal.

NFTs of the Internet Computer

  • IC TuTs NFT project Twitter vanishes, possibly a rug pull!

Project Launches and sales this week on entrepot

  • IC Pets – sold out within 17 Minutes of the sale
  • IC Kitties – sold out within 5 minutes
  • ICPArt- sells out both its Tranquility collection and the second, more limited Equanimity collection. The price floor has risen to 19.50 ICP at the time of writing, with the highest price so far at 120 ICP.

On Sale

Infernal Vampires became the first project to provide NFT gated access to the discord servers. The team had developed a method to take snapshots of hodlers frequently and give them access to private holder channels. Gen 1 vampire holders will also be able to claim/rescue a Gen2 vampire for free.

A wild isometric interactive virtual room appears on IC, check out the link below to visit the room -

BOB NFTs are online! Bob NFTs are content creator NFTs where anyone can mint an NFT of Bob Bodily's content across the web2 platforms like Twitter, website, youtube, or other blogs.

Reach me on Twitter if I missed anything!

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