Internet Computer Protocol Ecosystem is Booming with Relentless Organic Growth

Internet Computer Protocol Ecosystem is Booming with Relentless Organic Growth
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Hello everyone, welcome to another update on the ecosystem. Some of the coolest NFT projects have launched since December, and they are selling out like hotcakes within minutes.

Many projects are making significant developments spanning over multiple niches such as DeFi, Social Fi, GameFi, and enterprise solutions.

The Internet Computer General Updates

ICP looks healthier right now. It must be the afterglow of adding so many nodes or the anticipation of DeFi mixed with pleasant big green candles from all-time lows.

DFINITY released this progress update on Medium:

DFINITY in 2021: A Year of Developer and Community Growth on the Internet Computer
2021 marked the Internet Computer’s public launch, which catalyzed an explosion of developer and community activity.

Whale says moooon?

Photo by Thomas Kelley / Unsplash

The Motion Proposal to add community neurons as Named Followee List in the NNS dApp was put forward this week. Despite the Proposal for cycle_dao and ICPMN neuron being adopted quickly, some neurons voted against adding neuron to the front-end of NNS dApp.

Few of the seed neurons have voted against adopting the Motion Proposal to Add the Neuron to the Named Followee List in the NNS dApp.

Votes at the time of writing | Credit: ICA

DApps on the IC

DSCVR airdropped an OG badge 2021 to around 25,000+ users. If you used DSCVR in 2021, you should be able to find this badge on the Airdrop menu of your profile.

This NFT Badge is supposed to be an access key too.

Distrikt IOS mobile app was approved by the AppStore... finally! iPhone users can now download the Distrikt app from the AppStore and use it. This sparked joy among many iPhone users, but Android users were already enjoying this "privilege" for months.

Decentralize the Mobile Operating System with Endrophin! is the new experimental social media that recently popped up on the Internet Computer Protocol. It's like 4Chan had a baby with Reddit and Twitter.

...with quite some experience in #web2 services, I’ve built #Taggr in 11 days from scratch and am pretty confident now that #ICP works. It’s not a myth. If your product lets you accept/hide high latency on writes, you can build and run on #IC pretty much everything.

- Taggr Dev

CetoSwap: an Asset Transaction Management Platform conducted an airdrop for its Fractionalized NFTs trading marketplace. The Ceto F-NFT collection will be split into "shares" and distributed to the community.

CetoSwap is committed to connecting blockchain with the real world, and linking DeFi and CeFi through Crypto assets.

CetoSwap is a decentralized asset management platform with token in the real world to practice the liquidity.
Credit: CetoSwap

Astrox released the beta version of its "easy-access Web3 passport" dapp - ME

Blocks is a low-code smart contract builder for the Internet Computer. It aims to simplify the process of building dapps using the Internet Computer Protocol.

credit: Blocks
Blocks — Available in Open Beta!
Blocks is a low-code smart contract builder for the Internet Computer. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface familiar from Blender…

New NFT Projects in Town

Internet Computer NFTs are selling out like hotcakes, with some collections of 10,000 NFTs ( ICKitties, Dfinity Space Apes) getting sold within 5 minutes of launch.

IC Kitsune is a collection of 10,000 Cute hand-drawn chibi foxes living on the Internet Computer | Discord.

Credit; IC Kitsune

Ten thousand faulty DemoDroids have been unleashed onto IC only to continue their streak of terror! | Discord.

credit: Demodroids

BeYou Studios launched its first NFT Collection to begin its venture into the Metaverse. The sale of the first of DfinityDeck: "Paradigm" happened on the on the 9th of January at 3 PM UTC. | Discord amongst much fanfare and two massive 3300 ICP sales for each of the Joker cards!

credit; BeYou Studios

The projects are continuing to create network effects by collaborating with one another and even with DeFi projects such as ICPSwap, Infinity Swap, etc.

credit: ICPSwap

IC Turtles NFT collection is pixellated turtles hoping to launch on 16th January. The team had announced about developing a SELF-LAUNCH protocol for ICTurtles. These turtles can be customized, equip accessories, and bred.

..Developing an explorable P2E/GameFi dungeon based game with unique interactions with different turtles. Each dungeon is stored on chain.

The IC Turtles website will allow the community to securely buy, equip, and transfer all in one place, without having to rely on a third party | Discord.

IC Whiskers is a collection of 10,000 whiskered cats. | Discord.

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