8 Projects More Than Double in Floor Price After Record-Setting Trading Week

Adam Kantrowitz
Adam Kantrowitz
8 Projects More Than Double in Floor Price After Record-Setting Trading Week
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Some projects are going to feel snubbed after reading this article. Why you ask? Quite frankly, it is because there is no space to discuss all of the success in the Internet Computer marketplace this week. It's also never personal or intentional.

To summarize, eight projects more than doubled in floor price from Monday to Monday, another nine projects saw an increase between 50 and 100%, and six other projects won’t even make the article today despite gains between 30 and 50%. In short, if you invested in the IC NFT market last Monday, you’re probably pretty happy with your gains over the last seven days.

With that in mind, the marketplace is clearly volatile right now, so don’t expect all of the figures in this article from a snapshot taken on Monday to match up with the figures at the time the article is published.

Voxel Assassins on the Entrepot Marketplace

8 NFT Projects with 2x Growth or More Last Week

Without further ado, here are the top eight projects from last week:

· Voxel Assassins – That’s right, the 420 voxel Pepe assassins from Liquid ICP took the top spot last week, boasting a 400% gain (a 5x increase). The floor was just 3 ICP and hit 15 ICP seven days later. Congrats to anyone who got in cheap on those.

· ICPics – After a 1.19 ICP floor three days into trading, this project of A1-generated cultural art has exploded. The floor price is now 4.8 ICP, representing 303% growth. This occurred despite a potential scandal wherein a community member discovered that the previewed artwork for the Queen's collection (no release date yet) was stolen.

The project devs set an example in how to handle such a situation, firing their artist, publicly apologizing to the artist whose work was stolen, destroying all the work from the fired artist (including Crowns, which did not appear to be copied but better safe than sorry), and reassuring the community that the existing collection was not compromised.

The project is continuing on stronger than ever, and the Discord is full of praise for the way such a difficult situation was handled. It’s a good lesson for NFT project developers on the importance of hiring a reputable artist and on how to handle things when a situation goes sideways.

· Moonwalkers – New details on the IC Gallery and the metaverse being created have propelled the floor price from 4.80 ICP to 17 ICP in just one week – a 254% gain. Good thing these NFTs were already prepared for a trip to the moon!

9 of the top 10 Moonwalker sales have occurred in the past week, including this one, which features Motokos flying around (#1859)

· 2D Assassins – Liquid ICP has two projects on the chart. These 1,000 2D NFTs were free airdrops on DSCVR. But Pepe fans have driven the floor price from 1 ICP to 3.2 ICP, an increase of 220%.

· BTC Flower – They may not be at the top spot this week, but you'd better believe the liquidity being created by this project is responsible for the booming market. BTC Flower continued its meteoric rise this week with a 178% floor price increase from 88 ICP to 245 ICP. With news seeming to come every day about airdrops and collaborations, there appears to be no ceiling on this project. It’s even bridged the gap between the metaverse and the real world, with Ludo recreating one of the flowers as a mural in the city of Paris.

BTC Flower #1289 has become a real-world mural in Paris thanks to Ludo

· ICP Art (Equanimity) – There are only 49 artworks in this limited collection of artworks art. The floor increased this week from 9 ICP to 25 ICP, a 178% increase. Matching pace with BTC Flower for floor price growth is never a bad place for an art project to be. The 99-piece Tranquility collection also got a 90% boost from 9.9 ICP to 18.8 ICP. Airdrops are incoming for holders, and the third collection is still in the presale phase.

The resplendent Equanimity #5

· ICircle – Art is king on the Internet Computer, even when that art is generated from a math algorithm. The circles jumped 172% since last week from 1.8 ICP to 4.9 ICP.

· IVC Gen2 – The Gen2 vampires may have had a slow start on the marketplace, but things quickly gained traction. A floor price increase from .32 ICP to .73 ICP represents 128% growth.

Besides the Tranquility collection (mentioned above alongside the Equanimity collection), eight other projects saw an increase of 50% or more in floor price. In no particular order, those projects are Poked bots, Chronic Critters, Dfinity Space Apes, ICApes, ICPets, Internet Astronauts, IC Puzzle, and Infinite Chimps.

New Projects and What to Watch

There were also five new projects that made it to the secondary marketplace this week: ICSpilffsters, Saga Legends, Digms, The Sword, and last but certainly not least, our very own ICPSquad.

ICPSquad avatars available for sale on the Entrepot Marketplace
Our Popular ICP Squad NFT is Available Again ! Mint your unique "Level 1" ICP Squad NFT for only 1 ICP today.

This week, I’ll have my eye on a few projects. First of all, I have to watch the big 5: BTC Flower (congrats on hitting number one this week), Poked bots (congrats on temporarily grabbing the number one spot), ICPunks, Motoko Day Drop, and Chronic Critters. Besides those, I expect to see some action in the marketplace from Meme Cake after announcing their strategic partnership with Chainlink Labs.

I’m also interested in seeing the impact of the partnership between ICPets and ICPSwap. Additionally, I’m curious to see how the sale of ICats on the Gigaverse Marketplace will go now that the testing phase is over.

The big takeaway is that the Internet Computer NFT marketplace is growing too big for a weekly update. Expect me to be more selective with future updates. So remember: If your project or your favorite NFT doesn’t get mentioned, It’s not personal – I just want to keep these blogs to a length that people are willing to read. See you next week!

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